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The next day, the court.

The bell rang, and all the officials took their positions.

The emperor sat high on the dragon chair, while Li Yuanzhao was obediently placed aside.

After listening to the prince’s experience yesterday, Emperor Jing moved his mind to bring the prince to the court to practice and study.

It’s too old

After all the officials finished their salutes, Emperor Jing calmed down, and then drank a cup of tea as usual.

Afterwards, the hall fell into dead silence.

Emperor Jing also realized that today was unusual, and quietly waited for his ministers to speak.

Li Yansong glanced down at the hall, sighed, then slowly stepped out, and said, “Today’s court meeting, old minister”

“Your Majesty, I have an answer!” Before Li Yansong could finish speaking, Feng Jie, Minister of the Ministry of War, stood up first.

“What’s going on?”

Feng Jie said solemnly: “Your Majesty! I received an urgent report from Jianjiang Mansion last night! Because the flood in Jianjiang has been unresolved for days and intensified, a rebellious force has been bred among the people.”

“It’s called the Water God Sect! The governor of Jiangjiang has sent people to investigate, and the people in this religion are the remnants of the Qian Kingdom!”

“It is said that under the guidance of its saintess, the Water God Sect gathered thousands of disaster victims and distributed operations in various counties and cities in Jianjiang, spreading rumors and causing disturbances to the people. In order to maintain order, the army and horses of Jianjiang Mansion were already short of manpower, so they applied to the imperial court for an additional Thousands of people, clean up the Water God Sect!”

As soon as this remark came out, the officials immediately talked about it.

“It has come to this point, and the remnants of the country have not been wiped out in two years?”

“Your Majesty, the most urgent task is to send reinforcements to Jianjiang Mansion to quell public grievances. If this continues, the power of the Water God Sect will only grow stronger!”

“Soldiers are precious! You should take advantage of the strength of the Water God Sect to kill it in its infancy!”

“in this case”

“Quiet! Quiet!” Emperor Jing slapped the dragon chair with anger, and the officials immediately fell silent.

“The mere remnants of the country have now been reduced to a cult, and the reaction of all the lovers is a bit extreme!”

“However, the Jianjiang flood must be resolved, but the treasury has no money. I would like to allocate another 10,000 taels from internal funds.”

“As for the rest of you, you are the pillars of the country. Now that the country is in trouble, I hope you can donate enthusiastically.”

As soon as these words came out, many people’s eyes began to dodge.

Like a student who is afraid of being called in class.

After a few breaths, still no one took the initiative to speak, Li Yansong scanned the audience and sighed.

As the chief assistant of the cabinet, it seems that I have to start this first.

What His Majesty said is the truth, what can we do now that the treasury is empty, but taking money from other ministers is tantamount to cutting flesh from people.

They all keep saying that it is for the people of the world, but the premise is not to harm personal interests!

Li Yansong took a step forward and said loudly: “The old minister is willing to donate five thousand taels of silver!”

With Li Yansong at the beginning, several elders in the cabinet began to step forward one after another.

Zhang Dongxiang said: “I would like to donate four thousand taels of silver.”

Zheng Qiaodao: &34;The minister also donated four thousand taels&34;

Seeing a few elders bearing the brunt, the rest of the courtiers couldn’t help biting their teeth.

Several cabinet elders have been in the cabinet for a long time, and they hold several positions, and they are also trusted as the emperor’s think tank.

They are all well-known big landlords in their respective hometowns.

But other petty officials below the fourth rank are different! It is not impossible to take out several thousand taels at once.

But it really hurts to donate to the disaster victims? Wouldn’t it be nice to buy two catties of high-grade Tianxian tea?

Emperor Jing nodded in satisfaction.

In the end, the veterans in the cabinet have to know the general situation and take the overall situation into consideration.

Subsequently, the remaining officials began to report the donation figures one by one according to the size of their official positions.

From thousands of taels all the way down to hundreds of taels, and finally only a few dozen taels.

After all kinds of things, they only collected 34,000 taels in total.

Seeing the figures compiled by the little eunuch, Emperor Jing’s complexion gradually turned ugly.

Counting the 10,000 taels I donated, the dozens of officials below donated a total of 24,000 taels, and I could raise more than 10,000 taels within two or three days by selling a single tea.

Emperor Jing really wanted to speak out about the tea, and kill this group of courtiers ashamed, but thinking that it might affect the subsequent income of internal funds, he decisively suppressed this idea, and then sarcastically said:

“The officials who didn’t come to my Dajing Dynasty first are all so clean and honest, so many people can barely scrape together less than 40,000 taels of silver!”

There was silence below, and everyone began to look at each other.

His Majesty’s appetite is too big, how much is too much?

Zhang Shi, Minister of the Household Department, said: “Your Majesty, the most urgent task is to support Jianjiang as soon as possible, and send as much as you have!”

“Yes! Your Majesty, please send troops to Jianjiang as soon as possible!”

Emperor Jing said slowly: “Feng Jie! Immediately send 15,000 troops to Jianjiang to destroy the Water God Sect!”

“In addition, bring another 20,000 taels of silver to assist Jianjiang Mansion in disaster relief!”

The ministers were in an uproar: “Your Majesty! Only 20,000 taels is too little. Now that there are 130,000 taels, why only distribute 20,000 taels?”

“Now only one-tenth of the two hundred thousand taels is distributed, which is really too little!”

Many people showed anxiety, and most of them were officials from the southern department, for fear that the flood would continue to spread to their own homes.

Emperor Jing said indifferently: “How long will it take for the flood to end? Which one of the Zhuqing family can give me the answer?”

“If the flood doesn’t subside for a month, do you want me to continue to send an additional two hundred thousand taels of silver?”

“This is a bottomless pit that can’t be filled. There are many people in the world to save, but the treasury only has so much money. Let’s take it one step at a time and take it easy.”

&34;Feng Jie, after sending troops to Jianjiang, order people to report back to Beijing every day, and the information must not be delayed for a moment! &34;


Seeing the emperor’s resolute attitude, the people below couldn’t hold on any longer, but they all had Xiao Jiujiu in their hearts.

Zhang Dongxiang approached Li Yansong and said in a low voice, “Li Gong, what’s wrong with your Majesty, I think it’s a bit abnormal.”

Li Yansong said in a deep voice: “I don’t know, His Majesty will make up his own mind and take a step forward.”

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Chapter 33: The thunder strikes, and the stone breaks the sky

After traveling for several days, the water route turned land, and the group from Taoyuan Town finally arrived in Yintuo.

A total of 20 people were sent to Taoyuan County for this trip. These 20 people were all miners who had participated in the development of asphalt mines at the earliest and had rich experience in using gunpowder.

And strong and strong, with excellent physical strength.

Although it was daytime in Yintuo at this time, the sky was extremely gloomy, with heavy rain pouring down and silver snakes dancing wildly.

Everyone couldn’t help but feel a sinking heart, this is different from what they said when they came, didn’t they mean Xiaoyu!

This rain is not considered light rain at all.

Captain Ding Kai had a gloomy face, and shouted at the team members: “Everyone check the equipment again! Oil paper, sleeves, gunpowder and lead wires, and don’t get in the water! Otherwise, this encounter will be in vain! The task assigned by the county magistrate It must be done satisfactorily!”

&34; After going back, everyone will be rewarded with one thousand taels of silver! &34;


The rest of the team members responded one after another.

Seeing that the morale was good, Ding Kai turned his head and glanced at the guard team of more than 200 people behind him. It is said that they were recruited by merchants from Taoyuan County.

These people are not simple, they are all tall and energetic, no less than miners like them.

It is also fortunate that so many people came to move the gunpowder to the mountain. Otherwise, if you want to go up the mountain according to the rain, I am afraid that one person going back and forth will be useless.

The leader of the guard was Cheng Si, who was arranged by Guo Tianyang with Emperor Jing’s handwritten letter, and changed into plain clothes to escort Ding Kai and others.

At first contact with Chengsi, he still looked down on these mud legs from other places, but after a few days of contact on the boat, he found that these people are not simple!

Taking off his clothes, he is a strong and muscular body. When he is bored on the boat, he can compete with his own people without losing strength. You must know that these people like yourself are also first-class players in the inner guard!

The competition of strength can only be divided 50-50 with these people, which is enough to see that it is not easy, and then put away the contempt.

Seeing that the rain was far beyond imagination, Cheng Si walked up to Ding Kai and said, “Old Ding! Can we continue?”

Ding Kai kept observing the surrounding mountains and nodded: “Yes, look at this mountain. It is tall and straight. If it is pushed down, it will block the river, but it will take a lot of effort to climb up!”

“Let’s get started! Arrange your people to carry things on their backs and follow me. The mountains on the north and south sides must be blown down. Let your people pay attention not to let the oil paper break when carrying things, otherwise our baby will be destroyed.” Already!”

Cheng Si nodded solemnly. Through the past few days of communication, he already knew what the miners in Taoyuan County were carrying. Although he hadn’t seen the power of this thing with his own eyes, he didn’t dare to ignore it.

Then he turned around and shouted: “Brothers! The guys on your back follow Captain Ding!”

The large army responded and began to silently carry the explosive packs that had already been divided. This pack ranged from a few tens of catties in weight to over a hundred catties in weight.

It may not be a big deal to carry it on weekdays, but now the road is slippery and it is extremely difficult to climb the mountain.

Ding Kai took the map, looked at the points marked on it, and set off after finding the right direction.

More than 200 people braved the heavy rain and went forward with heavy loads in the gloomy weather.

Soon everyone entered the range of the woods, the wind was howling crazily, and the trees were buzzing, and communication was basic, only by roaring.

Ding Kai carried the fewest things on his back and walked in the front row. Not only did he have to explore the path up the mountain, he also had to keep looking for a suitable blasting location.

As he was walking, there was a sudden exclamation behind him.

Ding Kai hurriedly turned his head to look, and shouted: “What’s wrong! Who’s wrong!”

After a while, I heard Cheng Si’s voice: “It’s okay! Keep going! A brother sprained his ankle, it’s okay!”

Hearing this, Ding Kai continued to walk upwards.

Cheng Si carelessly touched the rainwater on his face, and couldn’t help cursing inwardly.

The weather on this dog day is so abnormal! If it weren’t for the fact that my brothers are soldiers of hundreds of battles, first-class warriors, I’m afraid they would have struggled to climb up the mountain.

The physical fitness of these miners in Taoyuan County is so good! Once again it exceeded his expectations.

After some twists and turns, we finally reached the halfway up the mountain without any danger.

Ding Kai looked at his feet and said in surprise: “Damn! It’s really blessed by the county magistrate! There is a mountain crack here, which saves a lot of effort! Brothers! Don’t go anymore, just place the bag here!”

The people around were overjoyed when they heard the words, and hurriedly took off the heavy explosive bag on their bodies.

“Everyone gather everything in one place! Lao Cheng, bring your brother down!”

Cheng Si didn’t understand what he meant, but he still arranged for the brothers to pile up all the explosives in front of Ding Kai, and then led the brothers down the mountain.

Ding Kai ordered people to connect the explosive packs into one piece with a rope, and then divided them into two waves to connect the lead wires, and then used oiled paper sleeves to protect the lead wires and began to lower them slowly.

As the explosives had bottomed out, Ding Kai began to arrange for people to lead the lead wire down the mountain, and began to take care of whether the lead wire had entered the water.

The two teams quickly joined the four-strong army.

Cheng Si rubbed his head and asked in a daze, “Old Ding! Why did you come down again? How did you bomb this mountain?”

Ding Kai smiled, and held the fuse with one hand: “Look! I hope you will open your eyes! Come, give me the fire pocket!”

Cheng Si stared fixedly at the lead wire in Ding Kai’s hand, and saw that the moment the fire light touched the lead wire, the lead wire disappeared into the sleeve with a swish.

“Hey this”

“Get down! Everyone cover your ears!!!” Ding Kai yelled the moment the wire disappeared.

Just the second after the people on the left and right covered their ears, there was a sudden vibration under their feet.

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom”! There was a burst of thunder! Countless rubble soared into the sky! !

The huge mountain peak actually started to sway for a while, and it seemed to be falling down!

Cheng Si’s liver and gallbladder were torn apart, his eyes were red as he stared at the mountain peak, his body trembling uncontrollably, like most people, some even buried their heads between their legs, trembling.

Seeing that the explosion failed, Ding Kai quickly ignited the second fuse

“Boom, boom, boom!!!” There was another explosion, and the foundation of the mountain was finally shaken, and it fell down unsteadily.

Boulders kept hitting the river, causing huge waves one after another.

“Oh oh oh oh! It’s a success!!!” The miners cheered one after another. Although it has not been completely completed, there is absolutely no problem with the feasibility!

This home has a reward of one thousand taels of silver! You can lie down at home for the rest of your life!

Cheng Si waited for a group of people to grow their mouths, and finally slowed down.

Such a scene, such a method, made his previous experience on the battlefield eclipsed.

It’s a magic trick!

He looked at Ding Kai and his party again with awe in their eyes.

After swallowing hard, Cheng Si said cautiously, “Will Lao Ding continue?”


Ding Kai is in high spirits now! The matter is half done, strike while the iron is hot and complete the other half, hurry home and get the money.

What’s the point of staying in this place where the birds don’t shit. ·


Cheng Si roared, and the large army turned around and continued to leave the range of the forest. Everyone got up, and then hula fell down a large piece.

Some team members couldn’t laugh or cry: “Captain! My feet are weak and I can’t walk.”

Cheng Sili blushed and looked at Ding Kai.

Ding Kai smiled: “Continue after repairing!”

The miners burst into laughter.

It turns out that this group of people is nothing more than that, they are just soft eggs, and when they are fried, they look like grandmas. I think it was the same when we first opened the mine.

After finishing repairs, more than 200 people returned to the original place, packed up the remaining explosive packs, and set off for another mountain peak again.

Although it took a lot of twists and turns for the second time, it still succeeded in the same way.

Seeing the monstrous flood flow out in the planned direction, everyone couldn’t help but feel a burst of joy.

Ding Kai shouted: “Brothers!!!

Everyone goes back to the county government office to receive one thousand taels of silver, and I invite everyone to drink and eat meat in Qingchang Tower, and then go to Tiandechi to take a bath! ”

The twenty miners immediately cheered loudly.

Under the heavy rain, Cheng Si and his group of officers and soldiers looked at the miners with sour faces.

I don’t get a penny for doing things for the palace, but I can get a thousand taels of money for doing things for the county magistrate!


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