周一. 10月 2nd, 2023

In the warm pavilion, the earth dragon is burning hot.

Emperor Jing continued to review the memorials.

After returning to Beijing yesterday to meet privately with several courtiers, this memorial was handed over to the palace like snowflakes.

The main content of which is to urge flood funding.

Emperor Jing couldn’t help shaking his head, sketching stroke by stroke.

The court’s appropriation must be allocated, but it is not the time yet. As an emperor, he couldn’t just talk about it.

You can’t say that you have found an artifact called Infinite Merit, which can turn the world around.

If it fails, Qianqiu Shibi still doesn’t know how to record it, but thinking about it, he should be a joke

After all, even he had never seen the immeasurable merit, and he was even more uncertain.

To him, Fang Zhengyi’s method is like a drowning man catching a piece of driftwood. It’s better to catch this lifeline than to remedy it afterwards.

Fang Zhengyi is a capable official who can create miracles, he is willing to take a gamble!

Emperor Jing heaved a sigh of relief after rejecting all the memorials requesting funding one by one.

Then he became worried again, I am afraid that the officials will ask him for an explanation tomorrow, and this kind of life will last for a few more days.

Just as he was thinking about it, a small eunuch suddenly ran in from outside the door: “Your Majesty, the crown prince begs to see you.”

“Let him in!”

Seeing the prince coming, Emperor Jing couldn’t help showing a smile on his face, and asked, “How does it feel to be walking in the capital for a day?”

Li Yuanzhao said with a confident look: “I probably understand.”

“Oh? Where did you go today?” Seeing him like this, Emperor Jing felt a bad premonition for no reason.

“I only went to the outer city today and came back in a hurry, but you can see the whole leopard at a glance. It’s meaningless to see too much!”

Emperor Jing’s face darkened.

The crown prince is gone, he only saw an outer city and ran to himself to swear.

He also said that one can see the whole leopard at a glance, but considering that he was young, Emperor Jing endured his unhappiness and still maintained a kind face.

“Then tell me and listen!”

Li Yuanzhao took a deep breath, and said: “Your minister can say it, if you say something bad, father, you can’t blame him!”

“But it doesn’t matter! I don’t blame you for what you say today.”

“Excuse me, my son said bluntly, the situation in this capital is beyond my imagination!”

“Oh?” Emperor Jing adjusted his sitting posture and became serious.

“Let’s start with the streets. The arrangement of the houses is in a mess, and the house is also built crookedly! Obviously there is a lack of planning!”

“As a result, people’s lives are inconvenient, and lawlessness is more likely to breed in the dark corners. According to my ministers, the court should make a unified plan, build neat and uniform houses, and then sell them to the people!”

“The imperial court can get money, and the common people can get better houses!”

Emperor Jing closed his eyes, leaned on the chair, tapped the table with his fingers, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

“Well, good, let’s move on!”

Hearing Emperor Jing’s encouragement, Li Yuanzhao gradually became more confident.

“There is also the sanitation of the street. The sewage flows across the street, and the garbage is everywhere. This place should follow the example of Taoyuan County, re-pave the ground, set up a sanitation officer, and prohibit people from dumping garbage.”

“At the same time, underground pipes should be repaired, and it is best to transfer all the dirty water and garbage away!”

Emperor Jing opened his eyes, looked straight at Li Yuanzhao and said, “Do you know how to repair the pipeline? Where will the dirty water and garbage be transferred?”

Li Yuanzhao waved his hand and said, “The pipeline can be repaired near Jiangling Port, and the garbage can be thrown directly into the sea!”

“How long is the pipeline? How much money will it cost and how many civilians will be recruited?”

“How can we continue to build pipelines if we encounter high mountains or low valleys along the way?”

“After repairing the pipeline, how can the dirt be removed?”

Emperor Jing threw out a series of questions at once.

Li Yuanzhao was a little embarrassed, he stood there speechless, and then suddenly had a flash of inspiration.

Convincingly said: “It’s all right, it’s not something I should consider! If this job is entrusted to me, I will let Fang Zhengyi handle it!”

“The so-called art industry has specialization, what I want to learn is the art of the emperor! These trivial things are not considered in advance, the right way is to grasp the big and let go of the small!”

Oh, trifles? This ignorant beast!

Emperor Jing said with a blank expression: “Okay, then skip this item and get straight to the main point!”

Seeing that his father was “speechless” by himself, Li Yuanzhao immediately regained his spirits: “Okay! Then I will directly talk about the key points!”

“Today, I went to a common people’s house to have a look. The house can’t be called a house at all, but a poor house.”

“At that time, a meal was being cooked in the house, and it was a pot of fish soup, which seemed to make people lose their appetite, and this soup was actually specially cooked for patients.”

“My son asked them for their usual food. I don’t know if my father has eaten it. It is a kind of porridge called yellow rice.”

“Erchen also tasted a couple of mouthfuls. The sour and bitter taste is still disgusting in retrospect.”

Speaking of which, Li Yuanzhao really recalled the previous moments, eating unpalatable porridge in the dark room, and spending it like this day after day.

Li Yuanzhao’s heart was also tugged, and he said with a heavy face: “The life of the people in my Dajing is too hard, and I feel really uncomfortable when I see this kind of food.”

“My son also gained some experience because of this matter.”


Emperor Jing suddenly sat up straight and said seriously, “Did you really eat that yellow rice porridge?”

Hearing being questioned, Li Yuanzhao immediately became annoyed: “Really! Eunuch Guo can testify!”

“Call Guo Banban!”

Guo Tianyang trotted all the way into the Nuan Pavilion, and Emperor Jing asked, “The prince went to the people’s homes today and tasted the people’s food, is there such a thing?”

Guo Tianyang was apprehensive, for fear that the emperor would know about the prince’s vomiting, but after seeing Li Yuanzhao’s expression, he calmed down again, so he replied: “Return to your majesty! It is true. At that time, the prince felt sorry for him after eating That family paid ten taels of silver.”

I didn’t expect it! I didn’t expect it!

Emperor Jing’s heart suddenly burst into ecstasy for no reason.

Although the prince does not seek to make progress, is ignorant of learning and skills, does not work hard in limbs, does not distinguish five grains, is illiterate, illiterate, and heartless.

But he has a benevolent heart for the people!

And lo and behold, he still has ideas!

If you are not good at other aspects, you can work hard and study more to catch up sooner or later, but as an emperor, you can have a heart that is sympathetic to the people. The biggest difficulty is ah.

Originally, Emperor Jing was still full of worries about the future of the prince, but now it seems to be changing for the better.

Emperor Jing originally wanted to hold his face so that the prince would not be complacent, but the more he thought about it, the happier he became. Fortunately, he just laughed out loud: “Hahahaha! Well, this is my unicorn!”

“Yuan Zhao, you can take the initiative to contact the people, understand the suffering of the people, and worry about the urgency of the people. If this encounter is not in vain, I am so relieved.”

“Come and tell me what you think!”

Guo Tianyang heaved a sigh of relief when he heard that it had nothing to do with him.

Li Yuanzhao received high praise from Emperor Jing, and he was also happy in his heart. He said happily: “That’s right! My son’s experience is the most important thing, and the way to strengthen the country and enrich the people lies in it!”

A bad premonition came to Emperor Jing’s heart again, but now he couldn’t bear to interrupt in his excitement, so he motioned Li Yuanzhao to continue.

“The masters in the palace once taught my ministers that the reason why the people live in poverty is because they don’t know how to study and don’t read classics! But do the people in Taoyuan County read any classics?”

“I don’t think so. Those books in Taoyuan County are neither classics nor poetry, but how can the people of Taoyuan live in prosperity?”

“It can be seen that the problem lies in literacy! Vernacular Chinese is easy to understand, and it is easy for the people in Taoyuan to learn, so many people can read books. Isn’t it enlightened to be able to read?”

“in my opinion”

It’s that damn vernacular again! Ever since he read the indescribable gold medal county magistrate, the prince has been ruthless!

The joy in Emperor Jing’s heart was washed away a lot, and he said lightly: “It’s ok, let’s stop here for today.”

“Wait a minute! I have a lot to say!”

Li Yuanzhao talked more and more, and felt that his theory was so ingenious, as if it would be a waste if he didn’t finish talking.

“In my opinion, the imperial court should vigorously promote vernacular writing! In this way, the whole country can be educated, and the future can be expected! Poverty will also be eliminated!”

“At the foot of the majestic emperor, the people’s lives are like pigs and dogs. They eat bad porridge and live in shabby houses. It can be seen that the education is not effective. There is a problem with the formulation of the national policy. If”

Li Yuanzhao spoke with forgetfulness, and gradually began to dance, completely ignoring Jingdi, whose face was getting darker and darker.

Guo Tianyang’s face turned green when he heard it, and if he talked about the life of the people in the capital like pigs and dogs, wouldn’t he be slapping his father’s mouth! The prince lost his head?

“If I become the emperor, I will let the people of the world live.”

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“There are still some unfinished”



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