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After Li Yuanzhao got out of the car, he walked leisurely, looking around with his eyes constantly.

The first time I left the palace, I went straight to Taoyuan County in the dark, before I had time to take a good look at the capital.

But soon, Li Yuanzhao couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

Obviously, the surrounding environment is not good. The road is just a dirt road that has been stepped on, because it has rained not long ago and now it is a bit muddy.

There are even small puddles in many places.

Every few steps, you can smell a strange smell. The smell is different, some are smelly, some are fishy, but there is no fragrance.

In such an environment, even if there is a scent mixed in the air, it becomes extremely weird.

The surrounding houses are not built of bricks and stones like Taoyuan County, but are made of rammed earth and piled up with wood.

The exterior walls are uneven and lack any aesthetics at all.

If you look closely at the wall, you can see a log protruding from it.

The window frames and door panels are also made of wood, but the wood is poor visible to the naked eye, and the low-quality wood has even begun to turn gray and cracked due to long-term wind and rain.

The only difference is the door panel. The side of the door has been pushed and pulled for many years, and the middle part has been covered with a thick layer of black pulp.

Compared with this, the houses in Taoyuan County can be called carved beams and painted buildings!

Pedestrians on the street were also listless, matching the dirty and messy environment, it seemed a bit like a walking dead.

Li Yuanzhao stood where he was, confusion began to appear in his eyes, and even a surprised expression appeared on his face.

The master in the palace originally described the scene outside the palace for him, saying that the people had not been enlightened by the sage and did not know how to educate.

So the upbringing is extremely poor, and I use this to teach myself to read more.

This scene turned out to be far more cruel than imagined.

But now I am standing in the capital city, at the feet of the Son of Heaven, compared with Taoyuan County, it is a world of difference. Could it be that Fang Zhengyi is a saint?

No, it’s impossible!

The books that the people in Taoyuan County read are not the books of saints, but why do the streets and houses seem to be clean and the people seem to be alive?

When he was in a daze, Guo Tianyang quickly arranged guards and followed Li Yuanzhao quietly.

Li Yuanzhao frowned, and carefully stepped on the dry ground as much as possible to prevent his boots from getting muddy.

Hearing a voice behind him, he looked back to see that it was Guo Tianyang and said, “Eunuch Guo, where is this place?”

“Return to Your Highness, this is the north gate of the inner city.”

“Since it’s already within the capital, why is it so messy? It’s not even as far as Taoyuan County.”

Guo Tianyang smiled and said: “Your Highness, you didn’t understand the situation when you left the palace for the first time. This outer city was newly built in the past two years.”

“This part of the inner city entrance was also expanded later. People from all over the country have gathered here in the past two years, and most of them are refugees.”

“Go further inside, walk around, it will be fine inside!”

Li Yuanzhao pursed his lips and looked back towards the outer city: “No! I’m going to visit the outer city.”

Guo Tianyang suddenly felt a headache, and quickly hinted at the surrounding guards with his eyes.

The emperor is not worrying, and this little ancestor is not worrying.

There are all kinds of people from all walks of life in the outer city, and what’s so dirty about it!

The prince is wearing brocade, it’s like a little white sheep entering the wolf’s den!

So he whispered flatteringly: “Your Highness, let’s go back early and don’t keep His Majesty waiting.”

Li Yuanzhao was fidgety for no reason, waved his hands and walked away.

Guo Tianyang quickly waved his hand.

The guards hidden around also quietly followed.

In the outer city, it is almost the same as near the gate of the inner city.

Perhaps because there are no officers and soldiers guarding it, the number of people is much more than that in the inner city.

Many children are playing outside, and all the vegetable sellers and laundry workers are working on the street.

The smell in the air is also heavier.

Guo Tianyang really wanted to cover his mouth and nose, the smell was really bad, his nose was sour, and he felt sick.

But seeing that the prince did not move, Guo Tianyang could only endure his nausea and followed behind.

Suddenly walking halfway, a family suddenly opened the door and poured a basin of dirt onto the street.

The pot was filled with dirty water and other miscellaneous things, full of fishy smell.

Li Yuanzhao jumped back nimbly, but he was not spared, and the dirty water splashed on his boots.

Li Yuanzhao frowned, looked down at the boots, and then at the dirt that the woman had just spilled.

In the pool of blood, apart from a few rotten vegetable leaves, fish heads, fish scales and various small viscera

Then the fishy smell rushed straight to his forehead, and Li Yuanzhao couldn’t help but retched while covering his mouth.

Seeing this, Guo Tianyang quickly covered his mouth and nose, then jumped out, pointed at the woman and said angrily, “You bastard! You actually spilled garbage in the street, and even stained my young master’s boots! What should you do!”

The surrounding guards immediately became vigilant and put their hands on their waists.

The woman quickly glanced at Li Yuanzhao, and saw that he was dressed gracefully and luxuriously like a son of a high official’s family, and the basin in his hand dropped in shock.

Quickly knelt down and begged for mercy.

“The folk woman didn’t do it on purpose! The folk woman didn’t do it on purpose”

The woman knelt on the ground and kept shaking, repeating these two sentences back and forth.

Li Yuanzhao also got used to the fishy smell at this time. Although it was a little disgusting, it was still bearable.

When he walked in front of the woman, he wanted to scold him angrily, but seeing the woman knelt on the mud and begging for mercy, the anger in his heart suddenly disappeared for some reason.

Then, unexpectedly, he asked, “What are you eating?”

“Ah?” The woman didn’t turn around when she heard his question.

After a while, Ai Ai said: “Fish stewed fish”

&34; Get up and let me see. &34; Then Li Yuanzhao walked around or the woman entered the room unceremoniously.

Guo Tianyang was stunned, what happened to the prince!

After staying in Taoyuan County for two days, people are not normal when they come back!

What’s so good about stewed fish in this common people’s house, and they still drill into other people’s houses, what’s so good about drilling in that crappy place! ?

Seeing that the prince had already entered the room, Guo Tianyang immediately followed him.

Sporadic people began to approach the house around.

It was a little dark inside the house, and there was only one window for lighting in the small room.

There are only two rooms inside and outside the house, separated by curtains. The inside room is obviously the bedroom, and the outside is the small kitchen hall.

The soup in the pot on the stove was still tumbling, and something had been added to it. The fish soup that should have been milky white now turned a cloudy yellow.

The smell is not very pleasant either.

Li Yuanzhao couldn’t help looking around the room, thinking about something in his mind.

Suddenly he turned his head to the woman and said, “Are you going to eat this?”

The woman stood tremblingly in the corner, not sure what the noble young man in front of her was thinking.

Listening to his question, he quickly replied: “No, no, this is for the man of the folk woman. He is injured and needs fish soup to replenish his body.”

Then he took a step forward and opened the curtain between the kitchen and the bedroom.

Inside lay a pale-faced man asleep, his right leg tightly wrapped.

“What happened to his leg?”

“I went out to work a few days ago and broke my leg”

“Then what do you usually eat?”


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