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Early the next morning, Emperor Jing and his party arrived at the county government office early.

Fang Zhengyi had already arranged for someone to receive the three of them.

Emperor Jing left Taoyuan County by car after signing the loan agreement.

Li Yuanzhao still had an expression of reluctance, and in the end he was dragged into the car by Guo Tianyang.

In the car, Emperor Jing saw Li Yuanzhao sulking all by himself, and suddenly felt a little funny.

Although the prince is playful, this is the first time he has seen such a performance.

It seems that Taoyuan County really makes people linger.

So he asked, “Yuan Zhao, how did you experience going out of the palace this time?”

Li Yuanzhao muffled: “No.”


“Yes! My son sees that the people live a prosperous life. It can be seen that it is the result of the father’s hard work, hard work and love for the people.”

Alas, nonsense.

Emperor Jing stared at Li Yuan’s photo and engraved: “Okay! Then when you return to the capital, you can walk back to the palace, and then you can show me how the people in the capital are living, and then report to me!”

Li Yuanzhao nodded numbly, but he was thinking about all kinds of novelties in Taoyuan County.

Especially the stewed pork vermicelli, it’s so exciting, I’ll try castrating a pig myself when I go back!

And it’s a pity that I haven’t seen the legendary Zhang Biao and the magical gramophone in the past two days!

Suddenly Li Yuanzhao seemed to have thought of something and raised his head and said, “Father! Then Fang Zhengyi is a low-ranking official!?”

Hearing this, Guo Tianyang couldn’t help but feel a little sad.

Apart from being an eunuch, our family is no worse than Fang Zhengyi! After working diligently in the palace for so many years, the prince and emperor did not take good care of which ones.

In the end, he was not as good as Fang Zhengyi who had only met a few times.

My life is really bleak

Emperor Jing said: “Well, it is indeed Qu Cai, but if Fang Zhengyi can summon Tianlei to solve the flood, then he can be appointed any official he wants by then!”

Li Yuanzhao’s eyes lit up: “Father asked him to solve the flood? Can he really summon heavenly thunder?”

Emperor Jing waved his hand impatiently, the son he gave birth to is quite smart, why is he acting so stupid sometimes.

“Where is the thunder! Joke! Go back and study hard!”

Li Yuanzhao was disappointed and said: “It would be great if he can really solve the flood problem. My minister wants County Magistrate Fang to be my master!”

“What? Could it be that the masters in the palace are not as good as Fang Zhengyi?”

Li Yuanzhao curled his lips in disdain: “Let me see! The palace is full of pedantic people! It doesn’t matter if I don’t learn their skills!”

“If those masters are half as smooth-tongued as Fang County Magistrate, I will not skip class!”

“What! How dare you skip class!” Emperor Jing raised his voice instantly.

“In the future, if you skip class and contradict your teacher again, I will punish you and ground you! If you like the Tiger and Leopard Garden so much, I will build another Tiger and Leopard Garden for you to live in for the rest of your life! Do you understand!”

Hearing Emperor Jing’s stern tone, it seemed that he was serious.

Li Yuanzhao felt a little guilty in his heart, but he still refused to accept his soft words: “It was originally! The things the masters said are outdated!”

“Just like Fang County Magistrate said, what the ancients said is completely correct! Yierchen thinks it may not be so!”

“It’s like this vernacular, it’s really easy to learn! My son can read it much more smoothly than classical Chinese.”

“If the ancient sage saw it, wouldn’t he reprimand my son-in-law Shaotiao for being uneducated!”

Emperor Jing was furious: “Shut up! You still have the face to mention it! It’s because you don’t want to make progress! After returning to the palace, I will recite books for three hours every day!”

“Make ten articles, if there is a misread sentence, add another one!”

Li Yuanzhao closed his eyes and kept humming to express his dissatisfaction.

Emperor Jing smiled anxiously: “Okay! Don’t you want Fang Zhengyi to enter the palace? If I can recite ten books for Zhenlian, I will let him enter Zhan Shifu.”

Li Yuanzhao rolled his eyes and was happy.

If Fang Zhengyi can enter Zhan Shifu, there will be something to play with!

It’s enough for me to be in the palace, I wish I could have something new!

Taoyuan County is so interesting. I heard that it was created by Fang Zhengyi, so if he enters Zhan Shifu in the future

“Father, let’s make an agreement, we can’t go back on our word!”

“You are not joking!”

When the carriage drove to the inner city, Emperor Jing threw Li Yuanzhao directly at the gate of the inner city.

He also arranged for Guo Tianyang to secretly summon guards to protect the prince, and then drove directly into the palace alone.

After returning to the palace, he rushed to the Palace of Qinzheng as soon as possible.

I walked away for a few more days this time, and took the prince away by the way, the courtiers should have been stretched.

After undressing, I haven’t had time to review the memorial.

Headed by Li Yansong and other courtiers rushed in quickly.

As soon as they met, they prostrated themselves on the ground and shouted loudly: “How could Your Majesty leave the palace without permission and take the crown prince away!”

“Where do you want to put the subjects of the world!”

Emperor Jing touched his nose in embarrassment, but he knew he was in the wrong, so he hurriedly said, “Get up, dear friends.”

Several people had already knelt on the ground: “I can’t wait! The flood in Jianjiang has become more and more serious! The governor of Jianjiang has submitted three memorials, waiting for His Majesty’s approval!”

“Your Majesty! This is a time when the people are in danger! How can you neglect state affairs!”

“All right! All right! Get up, I know!”

Seeing Emperor Jing’s long face sullen, several courtiers stood up eagerly.

Zhang Shi, Minister of the Household Department, stepped forward and said, “Your Majesty! The governor of Jianjiang has urged him several times in a row, and now he needs 200,000 silver for disaster relief.”

“But the Ministry of Household Affairs can’t afford that much money now, so please show your Majesty.”

Emperor Jing snorted coldly: “If the treasury can’t get out two hundred thousand taels of silver, can I get out of my internal funds?!”

“How much silver can you give now?”

“At most one hundred thousand taels! But Your Majesty, now one point more is one point.”

“Jianjiang is the granary of my great scenery. I am afraid that the disaster relief will not be effective and the world will be in turmoil. At this moment, there are still remnants of the country in Jianjiang’s mansion that have not been wiped out!”

Emperor Jing waved his sleeves and said loudly: “That’s good! I have already felt the patriotism of the princes, so let’s raise funds from the officials.”

“If there is a catastrophe today and the national treasury is in an emergency, we can only work together to tide over this disaster.”

“I have paid 10,000 taels before, and when I go to court tomorrow, let’s see how much money my courtiers can give!?”

Several people suddenly looked at each other, why did they put themselves in it?

Li Yansong hesitated and said: “Your Majesty, why don’t you distribute one hundred thousand taels to Jianjiang first, and we can discuss the fundraising matter tomorrow without waiting for anyone!”

“No hurry, just wait!”

“Ah, this!” The ministers were in an uproar, His Majesty is disregarding the lives of the people!

His Majesty was not like this in the past. If this kind of thing happened, he would have already allocated funds for disaster relief, but now why does he feel that he is not in a hurry?

Another courtier said: “Your Majesty! Can’t wait! How can such an important matter be delayed? I hope Your Majesty will make a decision as soon as possible!”

“I hope His Majesty will make a decision as soon as possible!”

Emperor Jing said impatiently: “Understood, let’s all go out! Is there nothing else in the world except the Jianjiang flood?”

“My dear friends, let’s perform our duties!”


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