周五. 12月 8th, 2023

It was the first time that Emperor Jing traveled at night in Taoyuan County.

In order to illuminate the way, before leaving, I borrowed a lantern from the store.

On the way, Emperor Jing walked away with a lamp and unexpectedly found that there were still many businesses open.

Especially the street stalls, there are quite a few people buying things.

The heat and aroma of cooking food are constantly wafting on the street.

The curfew has been implemented in the capital for nearly ten years, and this kind of scene is very fresh to Emperor Jing.

But he didn’t stay long, and hurried to the Yamen, after all, the business was important.

When they arrived at the archway at the gate of the yamen, two officials stopped Jingdi.

Emperor Jing directly took out the emblem that had been pasted on the carriage and showed it to the two officials.

The two looked at each other and said: “Please wait here, let’s go in and report first.”

Not long after, Xiaotao came slowly from the inside, and said crisply to Emperor Jing, “You are Mr. Li, please follow me.”

The square in front of the yamen was pitch black, and the two walked one after the other.

“What’s the girl’s name?”

“Just call me Xiaotao.”

Emperor Jing continued: “I don’t know when County Magistrate Fang will rest?”

Xiaotao chuckled lightly: “Our young master has already gone to bed at this time on weekdays. Today, he probably has something on his mind and is still sitting and drinking in the courtyard.”

“I don’t know why Mr. came to see my young master?”

“Jianjiang is flooded. I heard that Fang County Magistrate has a solution, so Li Moute came to visit.”

“Oh? The Jianjiang River is flooded? It’s rare to have floods at this time of year. Maybe it’s because of this that the young master didn’t rest.”

Hearing Xiaotao’s words, Emperor Jing felt a little surprised. During the day, Fang Zhengyi acted like he didn’t care. He didn’t expect to have such an expression in private.

Maybe this maid was wrong.

So he continued to ask: “The flood in the Jianjiang River has affected tens of thousands of people. Li once heard that the county magistrate Fang mentioned that the flood can be solved by blocking the river with lightning.”

“Could it be that County Magistrate Fang can really summon Tianlei?”


Xiaotao suddenly stopped, and the scene when Fang Zhengyi took her to visit the asphalt mine developed with gunpowder a few years ago came to mind.

At that time, she was so frightened that she was trembling, and it was Fang Zheng who hugged her before she settled down.

Recalling this memory, a smile appeared on the corner of Xiao Tao’s mouth.

“How can our young master summon the sky thunder! Those are all lies to children. But if the young master really said so! Then the flood problem will definitely be solved!”

“Oh? Why?” Emperor Jing was overjoyed.

“There should be nothing in this world that the young master can’t do.”

Emperor Jing’s heart sank again, these remarks were like compliments spoken to him by courtiers above the court.


“But Mr. Li is coming tonight, I think the young master should have known about it a long time ago.”


“Before you came, I saw the young master prepared two glasses of wine on the table. I think one of them should be for the husband.”

Emperor Jing was shocked! That’s something to talk about! There is hope for some talk!

I didn’t realize that Fang Zhengyi still has the ability to predict things like a god at such a young age!

During the conversation, the two had already arrived in the backyard.

Xiaotao walked into the courtyard first, and then notified Emperor Jing to enter directly.

When Emperor Jing walked into the courtyard, he saw Fang Zhengyi sitting in front of the stone table, holding a wine glass to the moon, and his posture was particularly awkward.

Fangzheng looked sideways, saw Emperor Jing coming in, and said loudly: “Why did Lao Li come to see me so late?”

“Come, come, sit first.”

Emperor Jing went straight over and sat down: “Okay! Then Li will tell you the truth! I wonder if Fang County Magistrate can solve the flood in Jianjiang?”

“If you can successfully resolve this matter, it will be a great achievement! Don’t talk about money at that time, even if you can be awarded a title, you will not know!”

Fangzheng laughed and said, “Old Li, I didn’t see that you are still a fan of officials. What’s so good about being an official? My subordinates are in charge of so many people who suffer from headaches every day. Isn’t it good for him to be a rich man?”

Hearing his lazy words, Emperor Jing wished that Bangbang would give him two punches, this worthless thing!

Restraining his anger, he said: “Li is also a citizen of Dajing, and it is his duty to share the worries of the king. Doesn’t Magistrate Fang think so?”

“Good! Well said!” Fangzheng patted the tables one by one.

Loudly said: “What I think about day and night is to share your worries!”

“Old Li, you and I are sympathetic to each other! If that’s the case, I will give you a fortune!”

“There is a thing in this county called Infinite Merit! This thing may solve the flood, but I can’t guarantee it!”

really! He really has the ability! The merits are immeasurable, it sounds very miraculous.

Emperor Jing was jumping in his heart: “I don’t know what this infinite merit is?”

Fangzheng waved his hands one by one: “Then you don’t have to worry about it! I can send 20 people from Taoyuan County to Jianjiang to rescue the disaster with immeasurable merit, and the rest depends on fate!”

“The horses and carriages are too slow, they are of great merit and are extremely heavy. They need to be transferred to Jiangling Port near the capital to take a boat south, and then transported to Jianjiang by horse-drawn carriage. You can arrange escorts during the period.”

“So, it can be reached within seven days, but these righteous men in Taoyuan County are risking their lives to help you rescue the disaster.”

As he spoke, Fang Zheng rubbed his fingers.

Emperor Jing understood, and said domineeringly: “Twenty thousand taels!”

Tsk tsk tsk, I still want to buy explosives with this little money! ?

“fifty thousand!”

“Uh, Li doesn’t have that much money.” Emperor Jing was embarrassed on the spot, he didn’t expect Fang Zhengyi to ask for so much money.

“No problem! I, Taoyuan County, can provide loans with an interest of 500!”

“But you have to think about it. This is a big gamble. If it doesn’t work out, you’ll be ruined.” Fangzheng reminded him.

Emperor Jing readily agreed without hesitation.

If the imperial court directly pays 200,000 taels, it will basically use all the money to deal with the aftermath. It is certain that there will be no penny left, and the follow-up Jianjiang Mansion will definitely ask for money.

Today, 50,000 taels of silver can solve the problem of 200,000 taels, which is simply wishful thinking.

What’s more, Fangzheng will have the guts to ask me for money once he enters the court in the future! ?

Fangzheng pursed his lips and smiled: “I see that you are someone who does great things, and it is an honor to be able to contribute your own strength.”

Then his expression changed, and he said seriously: “You must think that this official is cheating you, but to be honest, this merit is immeasurable and the value is immeasurable. Fifty thousand taels of silver is already very cheap.”

“If you are lucky enough to solve the flood, you must pay attention to epidemic prevention. After the flood, there will be a major epidemic!”

“All the corpses were burned on the spot, and the people were moved to a dry and ventilated place.”

“When encountering stagnant water and low-lying places, remember to cover them with quicklime, and isolate those who are infected with wind and cold in time.”

“If there is an epidemic, the patient should also be isolated, and other people should cover their mouths and noses with muslin to prevent the spread of the disease.”

“Maybe you still have doubts in your mind when you say this, but this is all the experience I have summed up in Taoyuan County over the years, just do it!”

“Oh, and”

Seeing Fangzheng talking eloquently, Emperor Jing’s expression gradually softened.

Obviously, Fangzheng took this matter to heart early in the morning, and made a detailed plan. Such a detailed arrangement cannot be a temporary thought.

Maybe if he doesn’t come this trip, he will try to find a way to rescue the disaster!

This son really has a heart for the country and the people. It seems that I misunderstood him a lot before.

Looking at Fang Zhengyi again, his eyes were full of admiration.

“All in all, that’s all, remember?”

“Remember, Li Long thanked Magistrate Fang for the people of Jianjiang!”

Emperor Jing was in a good mood at the moment, took Fang Zhengyi’s unused wine glass directly, and said proudly: “It seems that Fang County Magistrate knew that Li was coming today, so I will respect Fang County Magistrate here!”

After finishing speaking, I went on dry!

Huh? This smell?

Emperor Jing smacked his lips, there was no smell at all, it seemed like water.

“Lao Li, why are you drinking my mouthwash?”



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