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Fangzheng raised his head one by one and immediately saw three people looking at him with burning eyes, and hurriedly shouted.

“Eat! What are you looking at me for?”

“Tianlei! Tianlei!” Li Yuanzhao shouted excitedly.

“There’s no such thing as thunder! You can’t believe things about gods, ghosts and supernatural beings. Let’s have dinner, everyone! After dinner, I will personally take Mr. Li to visit the scenery of my Taoyuan!”

Although Fang Zhengyi had a relaxed expression on his face, his heart was a little heavy.

This damn old Li! If I don’t mention this, I don’t have so many troubles!

When Ben Shao traveled over here, he was fucking disaster relief! It’s hard to live after two years of Anniversary, so it’s hard to provide disaster relief! ?

With scrutiny in his eyes, Emperor Jing took a deep look at Fang Zhengyi, then continued to eat with his head down.

For a while, the dinner table fell into silence, and no one spoke.

After the meal, the four of them walked out of the Qingchang Tower, tacitly not mentioning the Jianjiang flood.

Seeing some silence, Fangzheng smiled and said, “The last time you all came, it was only a few days to see the flowers on horseback.”

“Today, the official is free and has nothing to do. It just so happens that your young master is also here. I personally take the three of you to have a closer look at Taoyuan County.”

“If you have something you like, just buy it, maybe you can find some new business opportunities!”

Emperor Jing also suppressed his thoughts and said curiously: “Magistrate Fang, there are two things that Mr. Li has been unclear about, so please ask Magistrate Fang to clarify.”


“Firstly, why is Taoyuan County’s opportunity to make money not kept by itself, but why it is called to Li.”

“Secondly, Li looked all over the country, and there has never been an official in one party who has treated merchants as politely as County Magistrate Fang. Why is that?”

In fact, Emperor Jing wanted to ask about these two matters the last time he came to Jingdi, but he came and went in a hurry and didn’t take care of them.

In today’s world, merchants are lowly businesses, and no one looks up to them. Fang Zhengyi’s attitude is really rare, and he has no airs.

“Haha! Old Li has vision! Because I am such a warm-hearted person!”

Emperor Jing: “”

It’s you who boasted! Guo Tianyang curled his lips in disdain.

Fang Zhengyi continued: “There is no other reason for entrusting it to you. It is entirely because there are too few people in Taoyuan County who are well-educated. The officials in Taoyuan County can still take care of you. If you go to other places, you are afraid of being eaten. Not left!”

“Secondly, the importance of a merchant is no less than that of an official, a farmer. You should also understand this truth, Lao Li!”

“It’s like rice is only worth a few pennies in the hands of farmers, but if it is brewed in the county and made into peach blossom fan wine, it will be worth a hundred times!”

“It’s also like the porcelain you sell. If the porcelain from the south is transported to the north, it will double its value!”

“It all depends on the flow of merchants, which is called resource allocation! Only when resources are allocated in place can everything be of maximum value, so do you think merchants are important?”

“I, Taoyuan County, have been forgotten by the court for a long time, and the positions of co-prefect and master secretary are still vacant, so the system has been slightly adjusted. This has also created a situation in Taoyuan County that emphasizes business. There is absolutely no such atmosphere in Taoyuan County!”

“I’m building a batch of small buildings in the south of Taoyuan County. Are you interested in buying one? If you don’t have enough money, the county can provide loans!”

“I can’t guarantee anything else, Taoyuan County is definitely the best choice for living and retirement!”

Hurry up and let Lao Li buy a house in Taoyuan County, and try to tie him up in Taoyuan County, Fang Shao’s small plan is crackling.

What kind of official are you when you talk about selling things inside and out?

Guo Tianyang said indignantly: “Merchants don’t do production. If you encourage merchants, people all over the world will go into business, wouldn’t it be a mess?”

“Huh?” Fangzheng was taken aback.

Aren’t you a fucking merchant? Where are you standing?

Seeing Fang Zhengyi’s awkward expression, Guo Tianyang knew that he had said something wrong, and quickly corrected him: “This has been the case since ancient times!”

Fang Zhengyi sneered and said, “Since ancient times, silk cloth and tortoise shells have been used to write, why do you still use paper?”

“Slash-and-burn farming has been used since ancient times. Why are plows and cattle used now?”

“Is it right since ancient times? Is it right to follow the old ways? The world will be messed up if everyone in the world is a merchant, and the world will not be messed up if everyone in the world is a scholar?”

“Not everyone has the ability to study, and not everyone has the ability to be a businessman.”

“A person can farm land and be a merchant, study and farm land at the same time. Is this a contradiction?”

“Old Guo! Thanks to you being a businessman, your brain is too rigid!”

“The reason why my Taoyuan County is so rich is that everyone in the world despises merchants and only this county pays attention to it. Taoyuan County can have what it is today!”

Guo Tianyang blushed: “Then if there are more merchants, there will be less people and time to farm the land, and the world will not have enough food. As you said, there will be starvation everywhere!”

“Old Li! You have a rebellious accountant! He looks down on you!”

Fangzheng didn’t bother to talk to him, and directly complained to Emperor Jing.

This yin and yang guy is actually right. Agriculture is the foundation of everything. Agriculture is indeed underdeveloped and there are no high-yield crops such as potatoes. The essence of Taoyuan County is to absorb resources from other regions to develop. However, Fang Zhengyi, as Taoyuan County County magistrate, this bar must be raised! Otherwise, where will I put my face in the future? How dare someone come and make a fuss? !

“Ah! I’m not, I’m not, don’t talk nonsense!” Guo Tianyang’s face was bloodshot, and he quickly waved his hands to deny it.

Emperor Jing quickly smoothed things over, and said seriously: “Guo Da is really rude, I will discipline him when I go back!”

Guo Tianyang felt aggrieved immediately like a little daughter-in-law.

He is his mother! ! Dog Day doesn’t play cards according to the routine! He was able to throw the pot on our heads!

Li Yuanzhao was so excited that he almost couldn’t help clapping his hands.

interesting! So funny! This Fang Zhengyi is indeed a wonderful person!

Not only does she have sympathy with Ben Gong, but she also hates others.

It would be great if there was such an interesting person in the palace.

Those masters will tell themselves the truth with a straight face!

Several people continued to walk on the street, and people kept saying hello to Fang Zheng on the road, while Guo Tianyang kept a straight face and said nothing. He had made up his mind that he would never say a word when Fang Zheng was present!

Li Yuanzhao kept looking left and right, and suddenly found a bookstall.

Thinking of his father going back to burn his own books, he couldn’t help but move his mind.

Take advantage of this opportunity to buy two copies! It was hard for Liu Jin to buy those miscellaneous books from the people.

Wouldn’t there be no books to read if they were all burned? !

So he quickly ran to the bookstall, Fang Zheng and the others ignored him and chatted on their own.

Li Yuanzhao ran to the bookstall and picked up a book, and then his eyes straightened immediately.

I have read a lot of miscellaneous books, but this is the first time I have seen a book with such a fresh and refined title.

The title of the book reads impressively: “Fang County Magistrate Fights Thanos”

“Boss! What are you writing here?”

When the book stall owner saw the stranger, he was overjoyed: “You are from out of town! You don’t know about this, so I just bought a copy and went back to have a look!”

“This book tells the story of the extraterrestrial demon tyrant who invaded Jingguo, and the county magistrate Fang collected seven infinity gems for the emperor to send troops to destroy the devil.”

“Old wonderful! Five

Ten papers a book! ”

“Ah? Thanos? What are infinite gems?” Li Yuanzhao was dumbfounded, why didn’t I know this happened!

Father has also suppressed extraterritorial demons?

It so happened that several people caught up at this time.

Fang Zheng looked behind him, his face blushed, and he couldn’t help touching his nose.

Xin Dao said which bastard wrote the story he made up for the children into a book!

It seems that I should take care of the cultural industry in Taoyuan County!

Emperor Jing couldn’t help laughing when he saw the title of the book.

Li Yuanzhao opened the book, glanced at it and said with disdain: “There is such a book! It’s all in vernacular, so much paper wasted for nothing!”

Then he picked up a few books from the pile of books, such as “Youth Aqiu”, “Wulin Knight Record”, “Gold Medal County Magistrate” and so on.

After reading several books, Li Yuanzhao wondered, “Why are they all in the vernacular! Weird!”

Emperor Jing couldn’t help looking sideways, and it turned out to be true: “Magistrate Fang! Is it possible that everyone in Taoyuan County can publish books!? They actually write books in vernacular.”

In this era, books are basically written in classical Chinese, and vernacular writing, in the eyes of scholars, is simply something that is not popular. It must be criticized, so Fang Zhengyi is not surprised that the two of them have this question.

Fang Zhengyi explained: “That’s right! As long as I pay for it, my printing workshop in Taoyuan County can publish books for others! As for the vernacular, there are not many scholars in Taoyuan County, so it’s not easy to be able to read!”

“It’s great to have a book to read and learn more characters. Those things that make you squish your teeth are meaningless!”

Li Yuanzhao retorted: “It’s so superficial! It’s a waste of white paper!!”

Fangzheng doesn’t get annoyed even if he chuckles, this is the limitation of his thinking, just like the old Shamat who doesn’t like spirited boys.

But time will give the answer.

“How vulgar is the vernacular? What is a good book? A good book is one that the common people can understand and find useful.”

“If the official prints some Four Books and Five Classics for them, it will only increase troubles for the common people. If you have the ambition to learn, you will find more advanced books.”

“A few years ago, the people in Taoyuan were still refugees, and the entire county could count the number of people who could read on their fingers. Now, most of the people are willing to read this idle book in their spare time. Do you think it is good or not?”

Li Yuanzhao was full of dissatisfaction: “Of course it’s not good! Wouldn’t such vulgar words stain people’s eyes, and what’s more, it takes so long to write in vernacular what can be said clearly in a few words!”

Fang Zhengyi smiled slightly: “Besides the simple and easy-to-understand vernacular, the large number of words is also one of its advantages!”

“Because of human nature, good lines are long, and the words are not astonishing. If this poem is changed to vernacular, it will be written. I like to think carefully and search for good lines all my life. If the language of the lines can’t reach the level of astonishment, I will Never give up.”

“Look! Originally fourteen characters were replaced by vernacular and I wrote thirty-nine characters, so twenty-five characters were added!”

“One sentence can add twenty-five characters, and a book can probably double the number if it is converted from classical Chinese to vernacular!”

“This means that the official needs to use twice as much ink and paper to print a book, so the size of the printing workshop will double!”

“In this way, the number of workers recruited will be doubled! Following that, the number of ink and paper craftsmen will also be doubled! And the number of people who provide raw materials will also increase accordingly!”

“In the end, people who buy books not only get easy-to-understand books but also get more opportunities to earn money!”

“Do you think it’s good or bad?”

Li Yuanzhao was speechless with his mouth wide open, but he always felt that something was wrong!

Emperor Jing also looked at Fang Zhengyi with a strange expression, he felt that his mind was a little messed up now! .

The most maddened one was Guo Tianyang.

God damn Fang Zhengyi! Why are there so many crooked ways! The prince and His Majesty were fooled again! damn


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