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On the dinner table, Li Yuanzhao kept pushing all kinds of food into his mouth.

The dinner in the palace was originally used early, and the young people were developing and had a big appetite.

After bumping all the way until noon, I was already hungry.

The food in Taoyuan County is unique, and I like to stir-fry it with a big fire! The oil and salt are added hard, so it tastes extra delicious.

Hearing his son bleating like a pig, Emperor Jing couldn’t help but kicked him lightly under the table.

Li Yuanzhao reluctantly slowed down the cooking speed.

As soon as Fangzheng saw Emperor Jing’s embarrassment, he raised his chopsticks and laughed, “It’s a good thing to be able to eat! I can eat more than him at my age!”

Li Yuanzhao gave Fang Zheng a grateful look.

This guy gave him a very unexpected impression, not at all like the devil Wu Sheng said! Very good character!

I like it!

Fang Zhengyi continued: “Speaking of business, I still don’t know how the two of you are doing porcelain business in the capital?”

“If the profit is not good enough, why not try our best to run the tea business! This high-quality Tianxian tea is just the first step, and the county will launch tea with better quality later.”

“Presumably by then, it will be even better than Dapin Tianxian tea!”

Emperor Jing hesitated for a while, then slowly said: “The Jianjiang River has flooded, and Li’s porcelain business has been greatly affected, and the porcelain from the south cannot be transported.”

“And the rain is still falling, the flood is far from over, and Li is also suffering from a headache!”

Guo Tianyang glanced at Emperor Jing in astonishment.

What does His Majesty mean by this? Looking for Fangzheng to find a way?

He is a small official, no matter how capable he is, he can solve the flood? !

Your Majesty is in a hurry to go to the doctor!

Fangzheng frowned: “Floods in the Jianjiang River? And it’s raining continuously? How many months has it been?”

Emperor Jing let out a long sigh: “Yes, there is a vision from the sky, and my great scene is really full of disasters.”

Fangzheng glanced at Emperor Jing, he was indeed a patriotic businessman, and he cared enough.

But Jianjiang Dashui Fang Zhengyi also became concerned. Many people in Taoyuan County fled from Jianjiang to the capital during the war.

Many parents and children are still in Jianjiang.

In recent years, life in Taoyuan County has become better and better, and people who have settled down have moved to find relatives.

In the past two years, nearly a hundred people have left Taoyuan County to look for relatives, and the trend is gradually increasing every year.

Of course, most of them returned to Taoyuan County in the end.

As for those who didn’t come back, it was probably because of an accident or other things.

“I don’t know where the flood happened in Jianjiang?” Fangzheng asked curiously.

“Guo Da, take the map!”

Guo Tianyang took out a three-foot-long map from his luggage and slowly unfolded it.

Fangzheng was shocked when he saw it one by one, and immediately became vigilant!

Good guy! This is a map of the whole country! He can’t even get this thing, it’s a state secret, I didn’t expect these two merchants to have such a thing!

“Where did this map come from?”

Emperor Jing pretended to be mysterious and said: “Don’t worry, magistrate Fang, we have some relationship with the Ministry of War, and the porcelain business is spread all over the country, so we specially made a map.”

Ha ha, the way is wild enough

Without waiting for him to say more, Fang Zhengyi quickly shifted his attention to the map, and he couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed after seeing it.

There is indeed a coastline mark on it, but it is completely different from the map in my previous life in my impression.

Emperor Jing began to point to the map and introduce: “The flood broke out from here and its path.”


“If there is no accident, I am afraid that the dam in Pingwang has been breached, and the disaster is still spreading.”

Then Emperor Jing whispered: “I heard that the governor of Jianjiang is asking the court for two hundred thousand taels of silver for emergency relief.”

“But the imperial court has nothing to do. If someone has the ability to turn the tide, they will surely be prosperous in the future!”

Fang Zhengyi didn’t answer, and followed the direction of his finger thinking silently.

Suddenly his eyes lit up, and he pointed to a place on the map and said: “This place is called Yintuo, with mountains on both sides. If thunder falls and the mountains collapse and block the river, won’t the flood be self-destructing!? I just don’t know what the situation of the mountains is like.” ?”

As soon as the words fell, the three of Emperor Jing were stunned.

What! Thunder! ? You also believe this set! ?

Guo Tianyang was secretly delighted, brat, there will be a day when you stumble!

Li Yuanzhao’s eyes shone with surprise!

At this moment, he felt great recognition, this is the spiritual resonance!

This is what heroes cherish heroes!

“Father! What did I say! I said that I would summon the warlocks from all over the world, and rain down the thunder and floods to solve the problem! What! The county magistrate Fang also thinks the same way, so it can be seen that the heroes see the same thing!”

Li Yuanzhao immediately became complacent, stopped eating, and almost raised his chin to the sky.

The other three immediately looked at Li Yuanzhao with foolish eyes.

Facing everyone’s strange eyes, Li Yuanzhao sat down resentfully, and continued cooking.

At this moment, Emperor Jing was extremely disappointed, and said with a wry smile: “Magistrate Fang is joking, how can there be thunder from heaven? Could it be that Magistrate Fang can summon heavenly thunder?”

Fangzheng took a sip of tea, but didn’t answer, as if he was thinking about something.

Because Taoyuan County really has thunder!

When Qian and Jing were at war, if Qian Guo won, he would definitely take the capital directly, and Taoyuan County would probably suffer accordingly.

So when Fang Zhengyi got rich, his first task was to manufacture and hoard gunpowder in large quantities!

According to the situation at the time, it was too late to train soldiers and replenish equipment!

Steel is a difficult thing to obtain, but it is easy to prepare gunpowder.

So after the war is over, this batch of gunpowder is useless.

The only time it worked was when an asphalt mine was accidentally discovered in Taoyuan County and used once.

However, it has not been used since.

Tons and tons of gunpowder are being piled up in the warehouse, and it is not afraid that it will explode if it expires!

It is more than enough to blow up mountains! It can only be wasted.

When Emperor Jing saw Fang Zhengyi thinking about it, he suddenly trembled!

Could it be that he really has a way! ?

Although this Fang Zhengyi was a little out of character, he definitely didn’t look like a random person after the two encounters!

And judging by his appearance, he seemed to be really thinking about the feasibility of this matter!

Emperor Jing looked forward to asking again: “Can Magistrate Fang have a solution?”

“Well, let me think about it again.” Fang Zhengyi replied casually.

He is now caught in the trade-off between saving people and exposing himself.

Once the gunpowder is born, it will definitely be a thunderbolt, and no matter what, he will be exposed to the court’s vision.

Although it may not be successful, since he has this ability and it is easy to do, if he doesn’t do it, Fang Shao’s conscience will be really tormented.

While he was thinking, he didn’t know that the three of them had cast their horrified gazes at him.



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