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“Let’s go! Let’s go! Don’t be ashamed on this street! You go fetch water too! Hurry up and let me settle this place, don’t delay people’s business!”

“You gave the guests laxatives! Everyone is so good at laxative!”

The shopkeeper resentfully let go of Fang Zhengyi’s thigh, and then ran away with the bucket.

At this time, the three of Emperor Jing had already walked downstairs, and Fang Zheng saw Emperor Jing at a glance.

He greeted him with a smile: “Lao Li is here! It seems that the tea business is doing well in the capital?”

Guo Tianyang curled his lips in disdain.

If you make money, come and get close. You were called Mr. Li before, but if you make money, you will be called Lao Li!

Li Yuanzhao also listened to it directly, and it was the first time someone dared to call his father Huang Lao Li so boldly.

Emperor Jing didn’t care too much, and said bluntly: “Thanks to the county magistrate, the sales of tea are good. This time I return to Taoyuan County and plan to buy more.”

“It’s easy to say! It’s easy to say, you guys have come all the way and haven’t eaten yet.”

“Let’s go to another place. There is a Qingchang Building in this county. Today I will be the host and invite you to dinner!”

A group of people went straight to Qingchang Tower without much politeness.

Along the way, Li Yuanzhao still looked around, seeing everything was fresh, and he didn’t settle down until he entered the Qingchang Building and took a seat.

Before Fangzheng opened his mouth to ask first, Emperor Jing first introduced: “Magistrate Fang, this is the dog Li Yuan, take him out to see the world.”

Li Yuanzhao cupped his hands casually: “I have seen Fang County Magistrate”

“Oh, your son is magnificent! The tiger father has no sons!” No matter what, the rainbow fart will be served first.

Li Yuanzhao raised his head proudly.

Oh, stupid.

After the introduction, Fang Zhengyi automatically ignored Guo Tianyang and Li Yuanzhao, and said straight to the point: “Old Li, how was the sales of the twenty catties of tea last time?”

“Thirteen thousand two hundred taels!”

Fangzheng took a breath

Hiss~! Good guy! This old Li has a dark heart! Such a piece of crap sold so much money, it really is a talent!

“Then how much are you going to want this time?”

“How many county magistrates are there?”

“You can pay as much as you want!”

Fangzheng was very happy, it seemed that Lao Li had tasted the sweetness, and this time he planned to spend all his money on a batch of tea.

After all, the quality of this product is low, and it is estimated that it will be popular in the market for a while, and then we will start to develop real good tea.

Take advantage of the heat and quickly let this old Li eat more! At this time, everyone is making money!

Emperor Jing took a sip of tea, lowered his eyebrows and thought.

This tea is really not a good product. The so-called rarity is the most expensive thing, what is the value of as many things as you want.

It seems that the high-grade Tianxian tea will not be sold for long, and there will only be one or two more harvests!

“Two hundred catties, I want two hundred catties this time.”

“No problem, I’ll get someone to help you prepare the food after eating in a while.”

During the conversation, Xiao Er began to deliver dishes to the table one by one, at this time Emperor Jing and the others were already starving.

Seeing the table full of all kinds of dishes, the index finger moved.

Fang Zhengyi was in a good mood, pointing to a dish and introducing it to Emperor Jing.

“Come on! Try the most popular stewed pork vermicelli in Taoyuan County. The taste is so strong that you can’t put it down!”

Li Yuanzhao’s chopsticks had been extended halfway and suddenly stopped, and slowly retracted.


“Yes, pork, pork belly, fat but not greasy, it’s unforgettable once you taste it!” Fangzheng squinted at Li Yuanzhao.

Hehe, raw melon eggs are raw melon eggs.

Li Yuanzhao said disgustedly: “Pork show! No one eats it at all. Is this the county magistrate Fang’s way of hospitality!”

Yo ha! Come on!

Fangzheng was overjoyed, it had been a long time since he had seen the stabbing head!

Just as he was about to speak, he was interrupted by Emperor Jing’s cold voice.

“Li Yuan! Don’t be unreasonable! County magistrate Fang is not to blame, the dog is young and ignorant, and does not know etiquette. I hope you will forgive me.”

Fangzheng waved his hand: “It’s okay! It’s okay! You’re still called a young man if you’re not arrogant!? That’s how young people should be!”

Hearing this, Li Yuanzhao glanced at Fangzheng unexpectedly, and then honestly began to eat with his head down.

Fang Zhengyi continued to explain: “Although this pork is cheap, it is a rare delicacy in our Taoyuan County.”

“The pork in our Taoyuan County is extremely delicious and has no fishy smell. It is far better than mutton. If you don’t believe me, give it a try!”

Emperor Jing didn’t doubt that he was there, so he stretched out his chopsticks and picked up a piece of pork, and chewed it carefully in his mouth.

Then he exclaimed: “Sure enough! Fat but not greasy! It has a strong fragrance! It’s amazing! It’s amazing!”

After Guo Tianyang and Li Yuanzhao finished listening, they each held a chopstick.

After tasting it carefully, they all revealed a look of surprise.

Not salty, not bland, delicious!

Guo Tianyang couldn’t help asking: “This pork is so miraculous, is Fang County Magistrate different from the pig breed in Taoyuan County?”

Fang Zheng smiled and shook his head: “No! No!”

“It’s not a secret! In fact, this pig is a barrow!”

Guo Tianyang’s face suddenly darkened.

“Pigs are ferocious in nature. After being castrated when they were young, they become extremely docile and grow meat very fast. When they grow up, they don’t smell bad!”

“It’s the same with people! You see, people who have been eunuched are generally tall and burly, and have a peaceful temperament, and most importantly, they can increase their lifespan! Hmm~ But after eunuchs, they should be coquettish.”

“So this eunuch is actually a university question! Those who have been eunuched are good!”

Fangzheng stretched out his thumb and shook it, revealing two rows of white teeth.


At this moment, Guo Tianyang wished he could kill Fang Zhengyi immediately.

I ate twice in total, and every time I eat, I have to connotate us once! What kind of enmity do we have with you!

Li Yuanzhao’s eyes could not stop drifting towards Guo Tianyang’s body, and his shoulders kept shrugging.

What was in his mouth was about to be sprayed out.

The thigh under the table was twisted around by Emperor Jing before it stopped.

“Yeah, eat, why doesn’t Mr. Guo eat?” Looking at Guo Da, he was a little unhappy.

Master Fang’s noble character of helping others broke out.

I picked up a piece of pork belly and put it in Guo Tianyang’s bowl.

“Mr. Guo, please don’t feel bad about this pig just because it was castrated.”

“This barrow is an elegant pig, a fresh and refined pig, and a pig that serves the common people! It’s rare to get rid of the roots of dust!”

“This pork not only tastes good, but also strengthens the body and strengthens the yang! If you eat more, you may be able to rejuvenate yourself in the future! Come! Eat!”

“Pfft!” The pork that Jingdi didn’t have time to swallow suddenly spurted out.

“Sorry! Cough cough, choked cough”

“Ah, Lao Li, you are too careless!”

Guo Tianyang stuffed the pork into his mouth expressionlessly, grinding it with his teeth

Fang Zhengyi, our family will never end with you! ! !


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