周五. 12月 8th, 2023

Three days later, Guo Tianyang prepared chariots and horses to accompany Emperor Jing and his son out of the palace.

The time is right at Haishi, and the sky is already dark.

Emperor Jing and his son waited for the car first, and Guo Tianyang was just about to follow when he suddenly heard urgent footsteps.

Then quickly raised the lamp and ran over to look.

He was relieved when he saw it, it turned out to be his worthless godson!

So he scolded: “You son of a bitch! What are you running around in the palace! Want to scare your grandpa to death!?”

The little eunuch gasped and said: “Master! Li Gong Li Gong has a rush to submit to His Majesty, and said that His Majesty needs to read it!”

Without even thinking about it, Guo Tianyang grabbed the memorial in his hand and said in a low voice, “Get out!”

Seeing the little eunuch walking away, Guo Tianyang hurried back to the carriage and presented the memorial.

“Your Majesty! Li Gong hastened to play!”

Looking at the memorial, Emperor Jing felt unreasonably irritated, and his pupils dilated immediately after opening the memorial!

Seeing that Emperor Jing was different, Guo Tianyang asked cautiously, “Your Majesty, what happened?”

Li Yuanzhao stared at the memorial with eyes full of curiosity, it must be a big deal for his father to show such an expression!

Emperor Jing closed the memorial and said worriedly: “Five dams have been washed away by the Jianjiang flood, and thousands of people have been displaced. The governor of Jianjiang asked the court for an additional 200,000 taels of silver for disaster relief.”

“Besides, the rain hasn’t stopped yet, and the future floods may be even greater. If it doesn’t stop in half a month, I’m afraid there will be endless disasters.”

“Two hundred thousand taels! The state treasury can’t get it out, and the internal money can’t get it out, so the situation will only get worse!”

“My scene is really full of disasters and disasters. There is such a heavy rain in February. Could it be God’s will!?”

Emperor Jing clutched the window frame tightly with both hands, a gloom filled his heart.

Guo Tianyang lowered his head and said, “Your Majesty, are you still going to Taoyuan County?”

“Go! I’m afraid it won’t help if I stay in Beijing now, and go to Taoyuan County immediately to buy a batch of tea! Bring the map! I want to think about how to solve the flood in Jianjiang.”

Maybe Fangzheng had some different ideas for a while?

Emperor Jing looked at the darkness outside the window, and made a hasty decision.

Taking advantage of the darkness, the carriage quickly drove out of the capital.

Inside the carriage, Guo Tianyang held up an oil lamp, while Emperor Jing kept pointing at the map while muttering something.

Li Yuanzhao was extremely bored, the road was bumpy, he couldn’t fall asleep, and he couldn’t read a book, so he could only stare at the map.

As soon as Emperor Jing looked up, he saw Li Yuanzhao in a daze, and said, “Why, do you want to see it too?”

Li Yuanzhao hesitated for a moment, took the map, and began to draw his fingers on it.

At the same time, he said: “The flood in Jianjiang Mansion started from Jinli, and then went down the river and destroyed Changxin, Jiaoxian, and Hunlou. It should have reached Pingwang now.”

“But this memorial will take five days at the fastest from Jinli City to the capital with fast horses!”

“In other words, the dam in Pingwang may even have been washed away by the flood, right?”

Emperor Jing nodded in agreement. It seems that this Nizi is not completely ignorant, at least he can understand maps and have some thinking ability.

Li Yuan looked at the map and continued:

“Father, look here! This place is called Yintuo! This place is located south of the city where the flood entered Jianjiang, and faces mountains on both sides! The eastern part is low and there are no villages. If the river is diverted here, other arrangements must be made in advance. The people in the counties and cities migrated, wouldn’t the flood disaster be solved here!?

Emperor Jing gave him a strange look: “How to change the road?”

Li Yuanzhao danced with his arms and legs immediately: “Gather the cultivators and cast spells! Summon the thunder from the sky, blow down the mountains in the south, block the river, and the floods are nothing to worry about!”

Emperor Jing quickly snatched the map, and hit Li Yuanzhao on the head.

He shouted angrily: “You bastard! What kind of books do you usually read! How can family affairs be a trifling matter!”

“If the world really had such magical powers, so many people would not have died since ancient times!”

“You ignorant bastard!”

“Guo Banban! Go back and burn all his miscellaneous and bad books! Let me see you again!”

The carriage returned to silence again, Li Yuanzhao and Guo Tianyang huddled in a corner like the wronged little daughter-in-law.

Emperor Jing picked up the map again and examined it carefully.

Guo Tianyang didn’t sleep all night, so he started to guide the coachman early.

At noon the next day, Emperor Jing and his son woke up from exhaustion and had successfully entered Taoyuan County.

Li Yuanzhao couldn’t wait to get out of the car, then looked around at the unfamiliar landscape, and opened his mouth wide!

Emperor Jing stretched his muscles and bones, seeing the vibrant scene in front of him, his mood improved a lot unexpectedly.

Li Yuanzhao said excitedly: “I heard from the masters that most of the common people don’t like cleanliness, and the environment is filthy! It seems that what the masters said is wrong!”

“If I knew about this palace, I should have left the palace earlier! This place looks much more interesting than the palace!”

Emperor Jing glanced at the prince meaningfully: “Let’s go, go to Youjian Inn first. Remember, my current identity is a merchant, named Li Long, your name is Li Yuan, and his name is Guo Da.”

Li Yuanzhao was still looking around, and nodded absently in agreement.

When the three of them arrived at Youjian Inn, the shopkeeper warmly greeted them: “Yo! My lord, you’re here again! This time, you’re here to buy goods in the county!”

Emperor Jing nodded and said: “First-class room, two rooms!”


After Guo Tianyang accompanied Emperor Jing into the room to pack his bags, he quietly came to Li Yuanzhao’s room.

I saw Li Yuanzhao touching around and making “tsk tsk” sounds.

When I ran to the back room, I was pleasantly surprised: “Ah! There is a well here! Eunuch Guo, quickly bring me a cup! I want to taste the water from this well!”

Guo Tiannuo wrinkled his face.

Knew it! Fortunately, I defended myself! Otherwise, if the crown prince drank the toilet water, he would still be the unlucky one!

“Prince, this is a Gong bucket! It’s very convenient. Look, there’s a rope here! Just pull it and it will be washed away!”

A faint blush flashed across Li Yuanzhao’s face, and then his attention quickly shifted to the rope of the water tank.

I kept pulling the rope and had a great time playing.

Seeing this, Guo Tianyang retreated with peace of mind.

“Master! The two porcelain merchants from last time are here again today, and they are staying in an inn!”

Zhang Biao received the news as soon as Emperor Jing and his party entered the city, and hurried to the county government office to inform Fang Zhengyi.

At this moment, Fang Zhengyi hadn’t gotten up yet, he lay on the bed and muttered, “Got it, got it.”

“This group of people has been away for less than seven days. Do you want me to bring them here, young master?”

seven days? Fangzheng sat up with a whoosh, then quickly lay down again, and got up violently.

These two are really good! These twenty catties of tea were sold out in seven days? Excluding the rush back and forth, plus other messy time, it may not take three days!

Sure enough, he is a capable businessman, and a new product can hit the market so quickly.

Here comes the money! Master Fang is also in good spirits.

“You don’t need to bring it here! Young Master, I’ll go see the God of Wealth in person! Xiao Tao! Change your clothes!”

After slowly getting dressed, Young Master Fang came to Youjian Inn in a sedan chair.

As soon as I got out of the sedan chair, a puff of stench came to my face!

The two servants at the door kept coming in and out with buckets, while the shopkeeper fanned the door vigorously with a fan.

Fang Zhengyi hurriedly covered his mouth and nose, and walked up to the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper almost burst into tears when he saw the magistrate coming, but just as he was about to speak, Fang Zheng kicked him on the buttocks, causing him to stagger.

“Dog! This officer puts you in charge of the inn, that’s how you work!”

“His grandma! The cesspit exploded? What’s going on!?”

Seeing that the magistrate was angry, the shopkeeper hugged Fangzheng’s thigh and cried, “My lord! Don’t blame me!”

“I don’t know which son of a bitch drained the water in the water tower! Now I’m arranging for the servants to replenish the water!”

It happened that the three of Emperor Jing also covered their mouths and noses and came down from the second floor.

Seeing Fangzheng scolding the shopkeeper, Li Yuanzhao blushed, and quietly took a step behind Emperor Jing


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