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Guo Tianyang held Wu Sheng’s chest while pinching Wu Sheng’s chest.

It took Wu Sheng quite a while to regain his composure, and immediately wept bitterly, “I’m so miserable!!”

“That Fang Zhengyi forced the minister to say that I had committed adultery with the bitch at home! If you don’t tell me, you won’t let me go!”

Li Yuanzhao burst out laughing, and then saw Emperor Jing’s murderous eyes.

Emperor Jing frowned: “So what if you say it! Not to mention that he forced you, who will believe it?”

Wu Sheng panicked, “It’s that speaker! That speaker can record sound!”

“What the minister said can be released through the speaker like no other!”

“Fang Zhengyi threatened the minister, saying that if the minister publicizes Taoyuan County, he will release the recording to the world!”

“I also said that it’s called yellow mud falling on the crotch, it’s not shit, it’s shit.”

“Your Majesty is a scholar!! How could he treat me like this? Your Majesty, please kill this official! He is not a human! He is a devil! He is not a human!!!”

Wu Sheng hugged Guo Tianyang’s thigh and cried loudly.

At this time, Emperor Jing and Guo Tianyang were not in the mood to talk to him anymore.

Guo Tianyang’s eyes were lost, and he kept muttering in his mouth: “Don’t be a scorpion, don’t be a scorpion! It’s his mother! This Fang Zhengyi is really not a thing”

Emperor Jing was trembling with anger. When he signed the contract, he had chanted a poisonous curse to the loudspeaker for a long time.

What I said was actually recorded! Never thought that there is such a magic weapon in this world! This son is really hateful!

Li Yuanzhao’s eyes sparkled with excitement, and he almost jumped up and clapped his hands!

Interesting! Interesting, there are such villains in the world! Such a baby! I must meet for a while if I have time!

After calming down, Emperor Jing continued to ask: “Is there anything else! I want to know everything!”

After the emotional outburst, Wu Sheng entered a relaxed state instead.

Anyway, it’s already broken, so it’s better to just explain everything.

Then he continued to mutter: “Besides, Fang Zhengyi also promised me a house, plus five hundred taels of silver, saying that I can come directly to Taoyuan County when I become an official in the future.”

“Then let the minister go.”

Emperor Jing kept pacing in place, thinking in his mind.

Fangzheng is eclectic, and he appreciates it very much, but it is obviously out of line now!

In order to stay in a small county, an official spared no effort and didn’t serve the Tian family. Is it a piece of paper?

After a while, under Wu Sheng’s anxious eyes, Emperor Jing slowly spoke: “Wu Sheng! As the inspector of Hengjiang Mansion, you openly accept bribes!”

“Remove from office and demote to common people!”

“You can’t tell others what happened here. As for whether you are going back to Hengjiang Mansion or Taoyuan County, I will not interfere. Let’s go!”

“Fang Zhengyi’s matter, I will take care of it myself, you don’t have to worry about it.”

Wu Sheng was ecstatic! Thank you again and again.

Take a life! Official dismissal will be dismissed! When I arrived in Taoyuan County, I didn’t eat spicy food!

It is even more impossible for him to tell outsiders about this, and he only told outsiders when he was out of his mind.

So Wu Sheng thanked him again and again, and then he was sent away by Guo Tianyang.

Glancing at the prince who hadn’t left yet, Guo Tianyang whispered, “Your Majesty, are you being too kind to Wu Sheng?”

Emperor Jing glanced at him: “If it were you, what would you do?”

“ah this”

Guo Tianyang was dumbfounded. Although eunuchs have a bad reputation and have lost their children and grandchildren, they are often scolded behind their backs.

But if I think about it carefully, if I do something like Fang Zhengyi, I’m afraid I won’t be able to handle it with decades of professionalism!

Eunuch, he also needs face!

“Your Majesty is holy!”

“Sigh, who would have thought that there would be an artifact that can record human voices in this world! It’s simply the means of a fairy.”

“Such a magical weapon is allowed to be used by him to do such low-level things! What an idiot! I can’t wait to summon him to beat him now!”

Emperor Jing looked as if he hated iron but not steel.

Guo Tian couldn’t help but nodded, if such a talent came to Dongchang, I’m afraid he would have to abdicate to let the virtuous! What a fucking villain!

“Get ready, I’m going to Taoyuan County again in a few days.”

Li Yuanzhao jumped up when he heard it, and said excitedly: “Father! My son will go with you too!”

Emperor Jing immediately scolded: “Nonsense! I will give you another chance this time!”

“If you still mess around like last time, I’ll take your skin off!”

Li Yuanzhao yelled with his neck stuck: “You go! You go to this palace to rebuild the Tiger and Leopard Park!”

“It’s impossible to go to court! It’s impossible in this life!”

“I’m watching the beast fighting in the Tiger and Leopard Park!”

Emperor Jing was furious and raised his hand to slap the prince, but Guo Tianyang hurriedly stopped him.

Whispered: “Your Majesty, why don’t you bring the prince to learn more, your majesty has fought for many years to achieve today’s great achievements, but the prince grew up in the deep palace since he was a child, so it’s good to have knowledge.”

“Taoyuan County is very strange, maybe you can have some insights?”

&34;Besides, I will return in two or three days, which is not a long time. &34;

Emperor Jing thought for a moment and felt that there was some truth, he slowly put down his hand, and said solemnly: “Okay! I promise you.”

“However, you and I have three chapters in the law. You can’t walk outside as a prince, and you can’t leave me. After returning to Beijing, I will let you go east, and you must not go west.”

“Can it be done?”

“Yes!” Li Yuanzhao agreed without hesitation.

It doesn’t matter what happens afterwards! Let’s go first! I have never seen such an interesting person in the palace.

“Okay! Then you go back out.”

After Li Yuanzhao went out, Guo Tianyang asked, “Your Majesty, why didn’t you summon Fang Zhengyi directly to Beijing?”

“I want to observe and observe again. Whether this person can stand up to training, his ability is enough, but I have to take another look at his character.”

Guo Tianyang said: “This person has no self-motivated intentions, and he used such dirty means to stay in Taoyuan County!”

Emperor Jing smiled slightly, but did not speak.

Everything today is basically laying the foundation for the prince’s future.

I have only this son, and the country can only be inherited by Li Yuanzhao. Although the elders in the cabinet are capable, the newcomers below feel a little weak in succession.

I only know how to act according to the rules and don’t know how to adapt.

And people like Fang Zhengyi are suitable for training. First, they don’t seem to care much about fighting for power and profit.

The second is that once such a person enters the court, he will be disliked by others, and forming a party for personal gain is not a passer-by.

With good ability, weak sense of fame and fortune, and bad popularity, he is simply the best candidate to pave the way for the prince’s future.

“Your Majesty, Fangzheng still has the poisonous oath we made back then?” Guo Tianyang said cautiously.

What he cares most about is actually this, although he doesn’t use his real name, but the voice is his own!

A toad crawls on the feet, and if it does not bite, it is disgusting.

Mentioning this, Emperor Jing also started to have a headache, and signed some non-disclosure agreement with him in a daze.

“Let’s put this aside for now! Let’s talk about it later when Fang Zhengyi is called to the capital!”


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