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The next day, in the public house.

Liu Eryi brought over the tea he had snatched early in the morning.

Several elders gathered around the pot of tea on the table and marveled.

“Fifty taels is really too expensive, but this small bottle is quite exquisite! It can be seen that it is a good thing!”

“Yes, I can already smell the fragrance of tea before brewing.”

“It’s good, but this amount is too small, it won’t last for a few days!”

Liu Er stood outside the crowd and hesitated. Seeing that they had finished chatting, he hurried up to Li Yansong, and said cautiously, “Didn’t Mr. Li cost fifty taels of tea, but seventy taels of tea? I only bought it at twelve taels.”

“When I went there early in the morning, there was a long queue outside and it was sold out. I bought this from someone else, you see.”

Li Yansong raised his eyebrows and said in surprise, “Seventy taels! My God! The tea in our tea room is only three taels of silver a catty!”

“Hurry up and make some tea. Today I invite you all to drink tea. Let’s have a taste together!”

Liu Er’s face seemed to be a little red standing there.

Li Yansong slapped his head and laughed: “I forgot, there are twenty-one taels of silver here, you take it, go make tea, remember to make it with clear water and nothing else!”

Seeing Yin Zi came back, Liu Er immediately ran to make tea with a twitch of his mouth.

After a while, Liu Er came back with a pot of tea.

Everyone hurriedly surrounded him.

Zhang Dongxiang asked curiously: “Hey! Why is it tasteless! Liu Er! Did you buy a fake product?”

Then he lifted the lid of the pot directly, and three pitiful leaves floated inside.

“You’re fooling around here! What kind of tea did you make with just three pieces!”

Liu Erhan smiled: “Oh, Mr. Zhang, this tea is too expensive, I’m afraid it won’t be brewed properly, and it will be ruined!”

Zhang Dongxiang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, picked up the tea pot and threw a pinch of tea into the water.

The elders stopped their work and looked at the teapot intently.

As the steeping time increases, the aroma of tea begins to waft out of the teapot.

Everyone couldn’t wait anymore, Zhang Dongxiang picked up the teapot and poured a cup for each of them.

He said energetically: “Everyone! Please, I have been looking forward to this Tianxian tea for a long time!”

Li Yansong picked up the teacup and sniffed the aroma of the tea carefully. The hot air continuously fumigated his face. With the psychological effect, he felt a little comfortable before drinking the tea.

“Well, that’s the taste. This is the tea His Majesty drank yesterday!”

“Fragrant and elegant, the smell is long!”

After taking two sips, Li Yansong took a sip cautiously.

The scent of tea slowly infiltrated from the nose to the throat, and then a burst of warmth fell into the stomach.

Li Yansong let out a breath of satisfaction.

Ordinary tea soup is always added with various condiments, and the taste is strong and complex, which Li Yansong does not like.

And frying tea just brings out the original taste of tea, which is a unique experience!

It is completely different from tea soup! It is a hundred times stronger than drinking water!

wonderful! It’s wonderful!

Li Yansong took a sip of his tea and couldn’t help sighing inwardly.

Good is indeed good, but it is really too expensive, one or two tea leaves, he may not be able to use it for seven days by himself.

Seeing other people sipping tea carefully, Li Yansong couldn’t help asking Zhang Dongxiang: “Mr. Zhang, how are you doing?”

Zhang Dongxiang smacked his lips, wondering, “It’s okay, but it’s too weak. Add some jujube, and the taste of green onion and ginger should be more mellow! I don’t think it’s that amazing!”


Li Yansong was speechless for a while

Zheng Qiao had a serious expression on his face, sipping tea in small sips.

Li Yansong saw him and said, “Duke Zheng, what do you think?”

Zheng Qiao closed his eyes again, took a sip, and exclaimed, “Wonderful! Really wonderful! There is such a miraculous tea in the world!”

Li Yansong smiled: “Oh? Let’s talk!”

“Needless to say the taste of the tea, you should be able to taste it, but after careful tasting, there is still a slight hint of medicinal fragrance!”

“Hmm~ It has the fragrance of licorice, mint, and night vine, and it also has a hint of green grass after tasting it!”

“If you don’t believe me, feel it carefully!”

After listening to his explanation, everyone quickly took another sip.

Li Yansong asked curiously: “Duke Zheng also knows the technique of Qihuang?”

Zheng Qiao stroked his beard and said triumphantly: “Hehe, it’s nothing. I learned a little when I was young. I haven’t read it for many years. It’s a shame.”

“This mint and licorice can sweat and relieve heat, invigorate the spleen and replenish qi, clear away heat and detoxify, eliminate phlegm and relieve cough, relieve spasm and relieve pain, and harmonize various medicines, etc.”

“Yejiao vine can nourish the heart and calm the nerves, dispel wind and dredge collaterals, and replenish blood energy.”

“There is also this grass fragrance, which shows that this tea is a very vigorous plant!”

“This tea can actually combine three flavors and is full of vitality. It can be seen that its medicinal properties are miraculous. It is worthy of being called a high-grade Tianxian tea. It is fifty taels and not expensive!”

After hearing his explanation, everyone was suddenly enlightened!

It turns out that there are so many ways! Fortunately, there is someone who knows how to do it!

Zheng Gong has such a high evaluation, it seems that Dapin Tianxian Tea deserves its name!

Then everyone looked at the teacup in their hands with a little more eagerness.

Then he bowed his head and began to savor again.

“It’s not simple, it’s not simple!”

“Indeed! I can also taste grassy and mint flavors.”

“Yeah, drinking this tea actually gives me the urge to recite poems!”

All of a sudden, there was loud chanting in the public room, and everyone expressed in this cheerful atmosphere that they were exhausted from drinking, and threatened to buy another batch!

Standing at the door, Liu Er stared dumbfounded at the rarely seen happy scene in the public house, drooling from the corners of his mouth.

Taoyuan County, tea workshop.

Fang Zhengyi led Zhang Biao to inspect various industries in the county as usual.

At this time, the tea-frying masters in the tea-making workshop were shirtless and working hard to fry the tea leaves in the big iron pot.

Previously, these tea leaves were basically consumed in Taoyuan County. As soon as Fangzheng planned to expand some production capacity, Li Long estimated that those tea leaves would be sold out in a month or two.

Let’s collect a batch of goods first, anyway, there is no need to worry about the tea being spoiled in a short time.

He’s not afraid that he won’t be able to sell it, he’s still drinking that kind of seasoned tea in Dajing.

And frying tea has long been proved by history to be a major trend! Whether the shipment is fast or not depends entirely on Li Long’s ability.

Seeing the workers working enthusiastically, Fang Zhengyi nodded in satisfaction.

When he glanced at the corner of the wall, he suddenly frowned, and cursed: “Which bastard put tea and haystacks together! Is there any ingenuity!?”

“There’s something wrong with it, hang all of you on the city wall! This is a new export business to be opened in the county, if something goes wrong, I’ll ask you guys!”

“Also! Pay attention to the fried tea! The proportion of those medicinal materials is well controlled!”

“After frying, pick up all the impurities inside!”

“This is not for our own use. The quality control must be stable! No matter which batch it is, it must have the same taste! Do you understand?”

The tea-frying master straightened his back and shouted in unison: “Master! I understand!!!”


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