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Clean up the palace.

“Your Majesty, it has been found out that Fang Zhengyi was a top-ranked scholar in the third year of Jinghe. Both his parents died and he was only fifteen years old.”

“Originally, he was supposed to be assigned to be the county magistrate in Gyeonggi, or enter the palace, but because of his hot temper, he contradicted the official, and it happened that the magistrate of Taoyuan County died of illness, so he was directly assigned to Taoyuan County.”

“There are only 2,000 people in Taoyuan County, and they are extremely poor. They hardly pay taxes every year.”

“According to the situation reported last year, this is still the case, and the number of people under the rule is still no more than 2,000.”

“The old slave has sent a fast horse to look for the inspection officials of Hengjiang Mansion, and it will take a few days before he can enter Beijing.”

After Guo Tianyang finished reporting, he put away the materials in his hands, and then carefully glanced at Emperor Jing.

This Taoyuan county magistrate is really bold! He dared to conceal the truth and never paid taxes!

Taoyuan County is located between Gyeonggi and Hengjiang Prefectures, so it was possible to hide it for such a long time at such a short distance.

Emperor Jing looked calm, but kept tapping on the table with his fingers.

After a while, he suddenly laughed: “Hehe, interesting, this Taoyuan county magistrate is still a young hero, he won the Jinshi at the age of 15, alas, if it wasn’t for the war, how could such a person be forgotten by me?”

“It’s amazing to manage a small, extremely impoverished county like this in seven years!”

“The population of Taoyuan County is only 2,000 people, I’m afraid there are more than tens of thousands of people.”

Guo Tianyang bowed and asked, “Your Majesty, how should we deal with Fang Zhengyi?”

“Don’t worry, let me take another look. This person has a weird personality and needs to be beaten up. If he uses it well, he will definitely be a minister in the future.”

“With such a capable person beside the prince, I can feel at ease.”

Seeing the mention of the crown prince, Guo Tianyang hurriedly said: “Your Majesty, the crown prince is still hanging in the imperial garden, do you want to put it down?”

Speaking of the crown prince, Emperor Jing frowned again.

“What to let go! Don’t care about that bastard. Others can pass the Jinshi exam at the age of 15, but he! He knows how to play with those useless things! Send someone to tear down his tiger and leopard garden, and kill that stupid thing !”

“Also, I need to deal with the tea I bought earlier, and send someone to set up a shop in the inner city to sell tea.”

“Do as Fang Zhengyi said, order a batch of exquisite jars, and put the tea in the jars. I will leave this matter to you to supervise and do it yourself, and don’t let it out. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll ask you!”

Guo Tianyang was stunned.

The emperor went to do business in person, which is not in line with the etiquette!

And if this is discovered by the minister, it will not be a catastrophe. Your Majesty has fallen into Fang Zhengyi’s evil!

So Guo Tian raised Ai Ai and said: “Your Majesty, this is not appropriate, in case the old slave is seen by other ministers”

Emperor Jing waved his hand: “Don’t worry! This tea was purchased with my internal funds! Can’t I control it?”

“Your Majesty, it’s a business.” Guo Tianyang was still worried, this matter was too shocking after all.

Emperor Jing leaned on the back of his chair and sighed: “Yes, the etiquette of the ancestors must not be violated.”

“However, I have established the country for more than two hundred years, and I have followed the same old system. If it continues like this, I don’t know when it will decline.”

“If I go on step by step, what will my future look like in a hundred years? By then, I will be gone or I will be very old. Can I still rule the world with Yuanzhao alone?”

“The etiquette of the ancestors certainly has its reasons, but now that I’m here, it’s time for a change.”

“Taoyuan County has given me some inspiration, maybe I can try to make some changes first.”

“Governing a big country is like cooking a small dish. Taoyuan County can turn the world around. Can my Dajing Kingdom, like Taoyuan, produce miracles? Even if it is some new changes.”

“The door hinge does not worm, the flowing water does not rot, Guo Banban, let’s do it!”

“Just like what Fang Zhengyi said at the meal before, earn money from the rich and share it with the common people!”

“There are too many rich merchants and aristocrats in my great scene. They hide their money at home and in their graves, but they won’t hand it over to the common people. They can’t even build a decent road!”

“It’s time to think of a way to rectify it!”

Guo Tianyang remained silent.

These years of wars have just ended, and the treasury is empty. His Majesty must have been stimulated, and he is ready to reach out to those noble and wealthy businessmen.

However, as the emperor’s personal eunuch, he is like a right-hand man.

Now that the emperor has made up his mind, he must put all his heart and soul into getting things done!

“Yes, Your Majesty, the old slave will arrange for someone to do it immediately.”

Emperor Jing looked at the cloudy tea soup on the table and thought again.

After a while, he opened his mouth and said: “Tomorrow morning, remember to make a pot of high-grade Tianxian tea.”

“When passing in front of all officials, remember to make the tea stronger.”

“You can use the rest on your own. I’m really looking forward to whether the method taught by Fang Zheng will work.”

“Speaking of which, doing business is like fighting a war with soldiers, it’s really interesting, haha.”

“Go ahead, I’m going to review the memorial.”

Guo Tianyang nodded in agreement, then turned his back and sucked his teeth.

My heart is full of bad feelings, I just went to Taoyuan County for a few days, and the frequency of His Majesty mentioning Fang Zhengyi is getting higher and higher!

Your Majesty really believed in the methods that the kid at the wine table taught him!

Moreover, His Majesty has spoken, and he still sells it according to those methods, which is so fucking absurd!

Even if His Majesty wanted to do business, who would buy things like this? And it’s expensive as hell!

Guo Tianyang sighed.

Fang Zhengyi will definitely enter the palace in the future, but His Majesty praised him after meeting him and talking a few words.

In the future, he will definitely be a popular person in front of the emperor. At that time, we will have to deal with this guy.

But Fang Zhengyi seems to be at odds with him! Even eating chicken only dug out a piece of chicken breast for us!

Fortunately, this grandson is not a eunuch! I’ll have to find a chance to make friends with him in the future

“Why don’t you leave!? What are you doing here?”

Emperor Jing’s voice sounded from behind Guo Tianyang, he was so engrossed in thinking just now that he forgot to leave.

Guo Tianyang hurriedly said: “Oh, Your Majesty! This old servant is wondering how much this tea should be sold for? Is it two hundred taels a catty as Fang Zhengyi said?”

Emperor Jing was also taken aback for a moment, then burst out laughing.

When I wanted to do business, I even forgot the price, and said casually, “One tael of tea comes in a can, and the price of a can is fifty taels. Remember to pack it beautifully!”

“” Guo Tianyang’s old face trembled twice, but he didn’t dare to speak.

Five hundred taels a catty! My goodness, Your Majesty really dares to speak! He is even darker than Fang Zhengyi!

How about saying that you are the emperor!


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