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“So, this naughty son is just having fun every day, and has nothing serious to do!?”

What Jingdi heard was that his veins were jumping violently, and he wished to hit Nizi’s head directly with a pumpkin.

Li Yansong said, “That’s not true. I went to the barracks in the past two days, saying that I went to inspect military discipline and train soldiers.”

“Other than that nothing”

“Good! Good! Where is Nizi now!” Emperor Jing was furious at this moment!

Originally, the first thing he did when he returned to the palace was to check the prince’s movements.

As a result, the memorials accumulated in the past few days were sent to the Imperial Study Room!

Emperor Jing’s gloomy mood was washed away by anger, but he was still able to suppress his anger.

Hearing the complaints from the three elders, he couldn’t suppress the anger.

“I think it should be the newly built Tiger and Leopard Garden in the East Palace!” Zhang Dongxiang couldn’t see it for a long time.

I can’t wait for Emperor Jing to teach the prince quickly.

So addicted to having fun, I don’t look like a gentleman

&34;Okay, dear friends, you have worked hard, let’s go back first. &34;

“I’ll talk about it tomorrow if I have anything else to say, Guo Banban, let’s go to the East Palace!”

East Palace, Tiger and Leopard Park.

A fierce tiger is chasing two old horses in the tiger and leopard garden.

The prince sat on the chair and watched with great interest.

Liu Jin stood behind Prince Li Yuanzhao with a sad face.

Originally, it was a great thing for the prince to supervise the country, and it would give His Highness a chance to perform.

Unexpectedly, the first thing the prince did was to build a tiger and leopard garden for himself, and then he would skip work for several days.

As a personal eunuch, I cannot escape the blame!

But the master in front of me has been righteous since childhood! He has no interest in government affairs, but is very interested in messy things such as fighting beasts.

You shouldn’t be cheap! Tell the prince about tigers and leopards!

His Majesty knows, maybe the first thing to do is to peel off his own skin!

The more Liu Jin thought about it, the more panicked he became, and gradually his face turned pale.

The following scene of the tiger chasing the horse is coming to an end, one horse is killed, and the other is disembowelled by fangs.

The tiger is tearing at the horse’s internal organs with relish.

Li Yuanzhao lacked interest: “Liu Banban, Bengong is really bored looking at the poor horse!”

“It’s better to find another tiger. It should be more interesting for two tigers to compete.”

Liu Jin wiped off his cold sweat: “Your Highness, I haven’t been in court for a few days, and every day I have complaints from the courtiers in the Tiger and Leopard Garden. It is difficult for His Majesty to explain when he comes back.”

Li Yuanzhao didn’t care: “So what if you have opinions!”

“The world is settled, what else needs me to do! It’s enough to have a few masters in the cabinet!”

“What a pity, Bengong was born a few years late!”

“Otherwise, now is a good time to gallop on the battlefield! Sigh~”

After speaking, Li Yuanzhao sighed, looking a little sad.

Liu Jin was about to speak when he suddenly saw Emperor Jing who was walking towards him and trembled!

Then quietly retreated to the wall.

Li Yuanzhao continued to say sadly: “Is that what a man should do to dance and write!? A man like Ben Gong should fight on the battlefield!”

“If I’m not the prince, I’m definitely a great general!”

“It’s a pity that the father actually took the credit that I deserve in advance! It’s really hateful!”

“Since the father, the emperor, why did you give birth to this palace~”

After finishing speaking, Li Yuanzhao’s eyes rolled down a drop of tears, feeling that he was underappreciated.

Liu Jin looked at Emperor Jing who was standing behind the prince and felt his scalp was about to explode.

His face turned pale with shock at these filial son’s remarks.

It’s over, my short life is over like Jin Jin below

Emperor Jing squinted his eyes and seemed to be recalling what Li Yuanzhao said just now.

He knows that the prince is ignorant, after all, he has seen it since he was a child.

I didn’t expect my heart to be so wild now! To be able to say such things as the birth father and the birth son!

If word of this spreads, the Tian family’s majesty will be ruined.

Will the country that I worked so hard to conquer be handed over to such a beast in the future?

Emperor Jing felt very sad.

However, Emperor Jing still smiled slightly, and put his hand lightly on Li Yuanzhao’s shoulder.

“You like to fight so much, why don’t you just jump there, I think the tiger below is not bad.”

Anyone dare to shoot themselves?

Hearing the familiar voice, Li Yuanzhao’s eyes widened.

Then he turned around slowly and stiffly, trying to pull out a smiling face.

“Father, Emperor? You are finally back, and I have been looking forward to it for a long time.”

Emperor Jing sneered: “Oh, I heard that the emperor has been ill for a few days, and I care about you, so I came quietly. It seems that my son is very energetic!”

“Your subject, my subject,” Li Yuanzhao muttered, sweat dripping from his forehead.

Emperor Jing smiled again: “Come on, my son comes with me, it’s not convenient here, I can’t use it, come with me to the Imperial Garden, and the little eunuch next to you will also come here.”

After speaking, Emperor Jing slowly walked out of the Tiger and Leopard Garden.

Looking at the back of Emperor Jing walking away, Liu Jin leaned over tremblingly, swallowed hard, and said in a mournful voice: “Your Highness, this slave is over, and now I have only one wish, I hope His Highness can help me collect a whole corpse.”

Li Yuanzhao was furious: “Things with no eyes! Why didn’t the father inform me when he came!”

Liu Jin was still trembling: “It’s too late, Your Majesty came down too fast, the servants were frightened, ah, I can’t do it, Your Highness, I can’t stand up anymore.”

Li Yuanzhao’s face was pale.

Ruined! His short fifteen-year career came to an end.

As ephemeral as Liu Jin’s Jin Jin.

Thinking of the coming storm, Li Yuanzhao shuddered and kicked Liu Jin who was paralyzed on the ground.

“Get up!! Hurry up! Prepare some jackets for Bengong, and take out my things!!”

Imperial Garden.

Emperor Jing sat in the pavilion expressionlessly, holding a thick long stick in his left hand and a long whip in his right hand.

The long stick and long whip are specially ordered to be selected from the arsenal, the most powerful size.

After a few blows, Emperor Jing smashed a stone fence and pulled off a branch. He felt that the power was good, and his strength remained the same as before!

A filial son is born under the stick! Now there is no other way!

The prince was assigned the best teacher in the world and the best environment, but unexpectedly, a crooked melon grew out!

Originally, Emperor Jing had already noticed that although the prince sometimes behaved indistinctly, he was lively by nature. He believed that Zhan Shifu and several veteran ministers in the cabinet should grow up, but he did not expect the prince to be so bad!

Fifteen years old! At the age of fifteen, he had personally participated in the battle to kill the enemy and gain military merits.

After giving birth to a son who only knows how to play with cats and dogs, he is simply a bedbug!

Even the toes of the magistrate of Taoyuan County can’t compare!

Tigers don’t show off their power! You treat me like a sick cat! ?

In an instant, a fierce look flashed in Emperor Jing’s eyes!


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