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early the next morning

As soon as Fangzheng was woken up by Xiaotao, he waited sleepily for Xiaotao to take care of dressing.

He said vaguely, “When did you wake up Master Ben?”

“It’s noon! The two capital merchants outside are waiting to see you.”

Xiaotao skillfully helped him put on the official uniform, and put a cold wet towel on his face.

Fangzheng was suddenly alert and energetic.

“Oh, I haven’t slept well for a few days, so you can’t be gentle.”

Xiao Tao didn’t speak, but looked at him helplessly, Fang Zhengyi slept at least 6 hours a day, she couldn’t understand.

Aren’t you tired after sleeping for so long? I’m afraid I’ll get sores if I lie down again!

Fangzheng felt bitter in his heart, he didn’t have any entertainment, what else could he do except sleep?

Who can understand the pain in my heart.

After changing his clothes, Fangzheng staggered out of the bedroom.

For convenience, Fang Zhengyi’s entire living room was built in the backyard of the yamen.

At the same time, in order to cope with various new models in Taoyuan County, the yamen has also made some corresponding transformations.

There are reception rooms, mediation rooms, clerical rooms, etc., which are generally more like modern government agencies.

At this moment, the room where Emperor Jing and the two are staying is a room that Fang Zhengyi set up separately before rebuilding the yamen.

This room is located in a remote location and has excellent sound insulation.

There is only a long table, a few chairs, and a few cabinets in the room.

There is no window in the room, and the surrounding area is full of oil lamps. A line of poem is engraved on the wall facing the door of the room, “Hold your eyebrows coldly at thousands of husbands, bow your head and be willing to be a willing ox”.

On the table below is a weird device.

A huge horn with a needle at the end, and a crank handle and a copper pillar below it. I don’t know what it is for.

The whole house reveals a simple but not simple meaning.

Emperor Jing turned his hands behind his back, stared at the poems on the wall, and fell silent for a while.

Not long after, Fang Zhengyi brought Zhang Biao into the house.

He greeted the two of them.

Emperor Jing turned around slowly and said, “Magistrate Fang, did you write this poem?”

“No, I just got it from fragments of ancient books, and I saw that it was well written, so I carved it on this wall.”

After all, Young Master Fang is a decent person, so he can’t copy poems.

Emperor Jing sighed: “It’s a good poem, it’s a pity that I can’t see the whole poem.”

Yo! I didn’t see it, but he was still a patriotic businessman!

Fangzheng was thinking about it, but he said, “You two have already decided to order tea?”

Emperor Jing nodded: “Thanks to the care of Fang County Magistrate, I hope that we can cooperate smoothly in the future, and this tea can also sell well in the capital.”

“We will return to Beijing immediately after the transaction is completed.”

“Guo Da, take the bank note!”

Guo Tianyang took out a bank note and placed it in front of Fang Zhengyi.

“Where does County Magistrate Fang get the tea from?”

“Hehe, I’ve prepared it for you, Zhang Biao!”

Zhang Biao took a step forward and unwrapped a package from behind, which contained 20 tea bricks and an iron plate.

“Here are twenty tea bricks, each one weighs a catty, let’s inspect the goods.”

“And this Peach Blossom Emblem, remember to stick it on the carriage when you come back in the future, to keep you unimpeded in Taoyuan County, and when you come to buy goods, someone will look for you, so you don’t have to come to see me.”

After speaking, Fangzheng handed over two pieces of paper.

Emperor Jing took it, one was a cooperation contract with Taoyuan County, and the other was a confidentiality agreement.

After careful study, Emperor Jing felt that there was nothing wrong with the contract, and the content was roughly consistent with what was discussed at the wine table.

However, there are some problems with the confidentiality agreement, so he said: “Magistrate Fang, why can’t Taoyuan County be mentioned to the outside world?”

Fang Zhengyi smiled slightly: “It’s nothing, this is just a phased confidentiality agreement. My Taoyuan County has a small population and limited resources.”

“But special products are in high demand, and the production capacity is not enough, so we can only make a bad move.”

“Secondly, it is to protect your interests. Now the tea from Taoyuan County is exclusively sold by you.”

“Besides, the influx of foreign population is afraid that it will endanger the local security. The people in Taoyuan County are pure and simple, and I am afraid that they will be taken away!”

“Then the person who violated the oath has mouth sores, limb weakness, sweating, and dizziness ¥%! Can you change it if you were drowned by the people in Taoyuan County?”


“The above interpretation rights belong to Taoyuan County, what do you mean?”

“literal meaning.”

Emperor Jing wiped his sweat, this is a black-hearted contract! He doesn’t care about keeping those curses a secret, but what the hell is this final right of interpretation!

After thinking for a while, Emperor Jing still gritted his teeth and directly pressed a red handprint on it.

Anyway, it’s a pseudonym, so just sign it!

Guo Tianyang grinned his teeth, and even looked at Fang Zhengyi with a bit of sympathy.

What a good material to be a eunuch, can eat people without spitting out bones!

Seeing that Emperor Jing had pressed his fingerprints, Fang Zheng picked up the contract and glanced at it with satisfaction.

“I have to trouble you both to read this contract again.”

“Zhang Biao! Get ready!”

Zhang Biao bypassed Emperor Jing and skillfully took out a roll of silver foil from the cabinet at the back, then went to the front of the speaker and turned the handle a few times, and stuck the silver foil on the copper pillar.

“Magistrate Fang, what does this mean?”

Fang Zhengyi enthusiastically took Emperor Jing’s hand and walked to the loudspeaker.

“Come, come, come with me, both of you, please read the contents of this through the loudspeaker.”

“To be honest, this is a unique custom in my Taoyuan County. Talking to this thing can prove the sincerity of the partner.”

“Don’t worry, it’s just a small ceremony. I’ll count to one, two, three, and then you guys will start talking.”

Emperor Jing is now full of question marks.

But the fingerprints are all pressed, so let’s talk.

After Fangzheng finished yelling one, two, three, Emperor Jing picked up the confidentiality agreement and began to read it.

At the same time, Zhang Biao also started to turn the handle.

Emperor Jing watched while reading, and saw that when he was speaking, the thin needle at the end of the horn kept touching the silver foil, leaving a dense dot.

After the time for cup of tea passed, both of them finished reading, Zhang Biao took off the silver foil, turned and walked out of the room.

Emperor Jing desperately wanted to know what the silver foil was like a cat scratching.

But it’s a pity that Fang Zhengyi didn’t give him this chance.

Immediately after the reading was over, the person was driven away.

With a cup of tea, Emperor Jing and Guo Tianyang stood outside the yamen gate with big eyes and small eyes, and fell into a speechless situation at the same time.

Suddenly a carriage pulled out from behind, and the coachman enthusiastically shouted to the two of them: “Do you want to take the carriage back to Beijing?”

“I was ordered by the magistrate to send the two masters here!”

Still a person! Emperor Jing was a little relieved.

Guo Tianyang was also a little happy, he didn’t expect that Fang Zheng was very careful, and the car was arranged, which saved himself a lot of trouble.

So the two boarded the car directly, preparing to return to Beijing.

As soon as he sat down firmly, the coachman poked his head in from the outside of the car, and said flatteringly: “My lords, I sincerely appreciate ten taels of silver.”

Guo Tianyang: “”

Emperor Jing: “”


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