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Fangzheng waved his hand: “Let’s serve, but this banner can be hung for at most three days, understand?”

Zhang Laoliu smiled: “I understand the rules! Master, don’t worry!”

“Wait a minute! Get rid of all the people on this floor! Arrange them all downstairs. I don’t like being disturbed when I eat.”

Fang Zhengyi said slowly

After speaking, he gave Zhang Biao a look.

Zhang Biao immediately understood, ran to the stairs and yelled, “Master Fang will pay for all the consumption tonight!!!”

The guests on the second floor immediately went downstairs happily, and cheers like a mountain roar and a tsunami came from downstairs.

Zhang Laoliu’s face was full of joy, and the county magistrate’s arrival really has a good thing! This wave earned it!

Immediately, he was about to go downstairs happily, and when he raised his eyes, he saw the two Jingdi who were still sitting in their original positions.

Ingratiatingly said: “Two guest officers, please move. Today’s meal is invited by our county magistrate, and it does not cost money.”

Emperor Jing sat in his original position and did not speak.

Guo Tianyang said in a sharp voice: “It’s not like we can’t afford food! No one else needs to ask for it!”

“This…” Zhang Laoliu showed embarrassment.

Then he gritted his teeth and said in a low voice: “You two, if you are willing to go down for dinner, I can give you another jar of wine before leaving! Do you think this will work?”

Emperor Jing remained silent, sipping tea quietly.

Guo Tianyang shouted in a low voice with a gloomy face: “Go away, don’t disturb our master’s pleasure!”

Zhang Laoliu was at a loss, and looked at Fang Zhengyi with a look of help.

Fang Zhengyi looked at the two people in front of him playfully.

Then slowly said: “Since you don’t want to leave, can you two friends have a meal together?”

Emperor Jing turned his head, smiled slightly, cupped his hands, and walked over unceremoniously.

Guo Tianyang hurriedly followed.

Zhang Laoliu also saw the opportunity and hurried downstairs.

After taking their seats, Fangzheng said together: “The two of you seem to be unfamiliar, but you just came from another place?”

After Emperor Jing sat down, he kept looking at Fang Zhengyi with unabashed eyes.

“I’ve met County Magistrate Fang, my humble Li Long, who is in the porcelain business in the capital. This is my accountant, Guo Da.”

Fang Zhengyi felt a little uncomfortable being watched by him.

So he said indifferently: “What do you two want to do in Taoyuan County?”

“The two of us were going to Hengjiang Mansion to buy goods, and we passed by here along the way.”

Hengjiang Mansion? Fangzheng became alert.

“Why do you detour from Taoyuan County to Hengjiang Mansion? It should be much faster for the two of you to take the official road directly from the capital?”

However, Guo Tianyang had already prepared his speech, and interjected: “I heard that there was a landslide on the official road, and the road section was blocked. We deliberately took a detour for fear of accidents, and we arrived at Taoyuan County by mistake.”

“Then when are you leaving?”

“Let’s not go! We see so many novelties in Taoyuan County. If we bring them back to the capital, the profits will be huge. I don’t know if Magistrate Fang agrees or not?”

Fangzheng smiled: “Great! I don’t welcome anything in Taoyuan County, but merchants.”

“To tell you the truth, the latest ceramic toilet made in Taoyuan County is a masterpiece!”

“The shape of the vessel is complex and huge, such porcelain is the best anywhere!”

Hearing the toilet, Guo Tianyang’s expression was as if he had eaten a fly.

“However, this item is not suitable for export. You two can cooperate if you have customization needs!”

“You can talk about anything you like, and in the end you have to go to the county government to sign a contract.”

“Now do you have something you like?”

Emperor Jing took a sip from his teacup and said, “I’m ashamed to say, it’s a bit surprising when I first arrived at Guibao.”

“Everything here is an eye-opener for me.”

“Just talking about this tea, the emperor in the palace will not be able to taste this kind of taste.”

“Huh? Is there any in the capital?”


As soon as he finished speaking, Fang Zhengyi suddenly slapped the table and stood up, his face full of indignation!

“Shut up! Mr. Li, don’t speak nonsense! How dare you slander the emperor!”

“All within the four seas is the land of kings! How can the emperor and his old man not drink this mere tea?”

“I think back in the past when my emperor personally marched and slept in the open air, the world was at peace.”

“Now that the world has been settled, His Majesty is still working hard to govern the world for the sake of the people in the court, and he has not let up in the slightest.”

“Without Your Majesty, there would be no Taoyuan County! Without Taoyuan County, there would be no tea!”

“But there is no tea in this mere capital city?! Thinking of this makes my heart ache! I wish I could fly over and make a pot of tea for Your Majesty myself!”

“Even His Majesty who is far away in the capital can’t drink this tea, how can I have the face to drink it again! I don’t want to drink this tea!”

“My emperor is holy!”

After speaking, he poured the tea directly on the ground, and sat down with a dignified face.

Xiaotao rolled her eyes behind him, as if she used similar rhetoric when dealing with merchants from Qianguo a few years ago.

Fang Zhengyi also quibbles that this is called taking precautions before they happen, first set up the patriots, and if one day leaves Taoyuan County in the future, he can still prevent them!

I, Fangzheng, have a patriotic heart with one punch, and the sun and the moon can learn from each other!

Emperor Jing held the teacup, the corners of his eyes twitching.

This hand is neither right nor wrong, nor is it froze on the spot for a while.

Guo Tianyang was even more stunned, looking around.

Who is this talking to! ? Why did it suddenly play out!

Damn it! Fortunately, Fang Zhengyi is not a eunuch! To be able to flatter you in the air!

Thinking of this, he glanced at Emperor Jing again, and whispered: “My emperor is holy!”

Fangzheng moved his ears, and said solemnly: “Mr. Guo! Don’t just say respect and love the emperor! Keep it in your heart all the time like me!”

“How many people in the court are extolling my emperor’s sages, and secretly doing things that are contrary to His Majesty, how different are such people from animals!”

nmb! It seems that I have been connoted!

Eunuch Guo’s face darkened quickly, he glanced at Emperor Jing with a guilty conscience, and said aggrievedly: “What Magistrate Fang said is true, that’s what we think!”

Emperor Jing’s complexion gradually turned ruddy. He had heard a lot of flattery, and he was already immune to it. It was the first time he used such a unique method. Apart from embarrassment, there was also an unexpected sense of refreshment.

Fangzheng changed his mind: “Speaking of this tea, it’s specially roasted by our tea makers in Taoyuan County.”

“The flavor is unique! If you get it in the capital, those princes and nobles must be snapping it up, so our emperor will be able to drink it too!”

“I wonder if the two of you are interested in this tea?”

Guo Tianyang’s face contorted for a while, didn’t he co-author tm just want to sell tea! Beat around the bush!

“Huh? Mr. Guo, what happened to your face?”


Emperor Jing came to his senses and couldn’t help being a little speechless, but he still had to follow what he said.

“This tea is very good, but what is the price?”

“Ten taels of silver and one tael of tea!”

“Ten taels!” Guo Tianyang shivered, Emperor Jing may not be familiar with the price of this thing, but he is!

Ordinary tea leaves in the capital can be bought for a catty for a tael of silver!

Even the best tea leaves are only around ten taels. Of course, a very small number of rare tea leaves are still very expensive and the output is scarce.

But this tea is obviously an ordinary tea that can be found everywhere in Taoyuan County.

“It’s a bit…expensive,” Guo Tianyang said hesitantly

“Is ten taels of silver expensive? Not expensive! What’s wrong with selling tea that the emperor has never drunk!”


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