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The boy chuckled: “This filth is all flowing down the pipe.”

“Because of the high terrain in Taoyuan County, there are large pits outside the county for collecting waste. Some people who don’t have flush toilets in their homes will have special dumpers to collect them and transport them to the pit.”

Guo Tianyang thought for a while and soon realized something was wrong!

“Every time I flush so many things, wouldn’t the pipe at the end be blocked?”

The servant clapped his hands: “Guest officer is smart! In fact, this pothole is not big at all and not far from the downstream river! But a special water wheel is used, and it is said that the power of the water wheel can transfer the waste to other places? ”

“Where is the transfer?”

“Neighboring county.”

Emperor Jing: “”

Guo Tianyang: “”

The boy said with some enthusiasm: “If you want to talk about the pipeline, it is the largest project in our county. The whole county has been working on it for two years!”

“I was also involved in it back then.”

“Our county magistrate said! The cesspit must be far away from Taohua County, otherwise the dirt will sink into the ground after a long time and the water will become bitter!

The water in our Taoyuan County is good! So clear and sweet! Neighboring counties are attracted to buy water to drink, can not make people chilling! ”

“The magistrate of the county has a kind heart, so he can’t see that others can’t drink good water!”

Fuck kindness! Cooperating with you, if you throw the dung into someone else’s house, only your water is sweet, and you still have the face to sell water? !

Guo Tianyang looked resentful, our family has never seen such a cheap person in the palace!

Emperor Jing’s throat was a little tight, and his heart was full of nausea, because the water in the capital was really bitter, and this was the reason?

“Oh, it’s really not easy to repair the pipeline. Our county magistrate is still thinking about connecting it with the moat of the capital. Anyway, there are many people in the capital.”

“If it’s not too far away, the terrain is complicated, and the power of the waterwheel is not enough, I guess it will be done!”

Emperor Jing and Guo Tianyang immediately glared at each other!

This bloody wickedness of changing into flowers!

Xiao Er didn’t notice the look in their eyes, and continued to introduce: “Our latrines don’t have toilet chips, so we have prepared water guns and toilet paper here.”

As he spoke, he took out what looked like a wooden faucet from behind the toilet.

“Look, there is a handle here, and the water will come out as soon as you press it.”

As he spoke, the boy pressed the handle, and a stream of water spurted out.

“This water gun has an independent water tank, filled with salt water. Our county magistrate said that the salt water can only wash it clean! All the inns in the county are equipped like this!”

“This salt water will be replenished for you every morning, or if it is not enough, you just pull the rope.”

Guo Tianyang’s eyes lit up! This is good! It’s so convenient.

Emperor Jing covered his forehead and felt dizzy. Washing his butt with salt water is so extravagant!

The boy then opened a hidden compartment next to the toilet, revealing a stack of blank papers.

“After washing, you can dry it with this paper, and throw it in the wastebasket so that someone will collect it. We have already kneaded this paper, so you don’t need more.”

“Wipe your ass with paper!?”

Emperor Jing and Guo Tianyang showed shock at the same time!

Seeing that the two were puzzled, the boy explained, “I’m really ashamed to talk about this paper.”

“This shop can only provide this kind of paper, and it is still a bit hard to use. I heard that the paper used in the yamen is as soft as a face towel.”

“By the way, if you go to the public toilet outside, you will use this toilet paper. Our county magistrate doesn’t allow it to be unhygienic, so there is no toilet paper in the county.”

“I have something to tell you two! When the county magistrate promoted this toilet paper, many people were not used to it. There was a man named Zhang Biao next to him. When he saw someone using toilet chips, he sewed him up!”

“When you see him, don’t provoke him. This man has a mole on his forehead. He doesn’t look good, but he has great strength and a bad brain!”

“Toothbrushes and face towels are arranged for you on the side. If you have other questions, please call me at any time. I’ll go first!”

The two were so shocked that they couldn’t be more shocked, and at the same time their asses tightened.

Emperor Jing waved his hand feebly and dismissed the servant.

Turning his head, he saw the toothbrush and face towel on the side.

There is even a mirror on it that I haven’t noticed yet!

Looking at himself clearly visible in the mirror, some wrinkles were added to his face, and his temples were slightly white.

Can’t help reaching out and touching it, this mirror is so amazing! ?

Then he smiled wryly: “Zhen, are you old?”

“Why is everything here unheard of”

Guo Tianyang saw that the boy was gone, and rushed to the hidden compartment like a mad dog, and took out a full dozen of papers and rubbed them vigorously.

“Your Majesty! It’s good paper! It’s good paper! It can write!”

Emperor Jing looked at the white paper, nodded and said: “Got it, I’m tired, I’ll find an opportunity to meet the local county magistrate tomorrow, I want to see what kind of strange person can manage a small county like this! ”

Taoyuan County Government, Backyard

“Xiaotao, your massage technique is far worse than that of the girl from Xueyuelou! It’s lighter!”

Fangzheng was slumped on the recliner, chewing on preserved fruit, and his speech was somewhat slurred.

Behind him is a delicate maid with bright eyes.

The servant girl’s name is Fang Yutao, an orphan adopted by Fangzheng six years ago, and he also gave her the name, and she is now twenty-eight years old.

Fang Zhengyi’s dissatisfied voice was heard.

Xiaotao pushed hard and said: “Then you go to Xueyue Tower!”

“Okay, I’ll go.”

Fangzheng stood up lazily, and was pushed back by Xiaotao.

He pinched his hands vigorously.

“Yes! It’s the strength to maintain.”

Xiaotao gritted her teeth, and Zhang Biao walked in.

“Master! My brothers have news that the two merchants who have just entered the city are here to do the porcelain business.”

“Do you want to bring someone here!?”

Fangzheng shook his head dissatisfied, “What’s the rush! Are you used to being a thief?”

“When the time comes, they will find them themselves.”

“It’s different today. Many industries in the county have just started, and many things need to be exported and formalized!”

“If you cooperate with others, it will be bad if you make people resentful. That’s not a long-term solution!”

“Just relying on my young master’s political achievements, I can be promoted at any time. If someone who has resentment in his heart goes out, young master, why don’t I just enter the court?”

“Zhang Biao, you expect me to leave quickly!”

Zhang Biao grinned: “Don’t worry, young master! No one can take you away. If you die with me, Zhang Biao, you will die in Taoyuan County!”


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Chapter 5 The county magistrate is kind and does not see the poor

next morning

Emperor Jing just woke up, while Guo Tianyang stood aside early, waiting for Emperor Jing to wake up.

There is a side room specially prepared for attendants in the house, so Guo Tianyang sleeps in the room.

After getting up, Emperor Jing stretched his waist: “The bed in this inn is actually a bit sweeter than sleeping in the palace. It’s really strange.”

Yesterday afternoon, due to the exhaustion of traveling and the mental shock, this sleep can be regarded as a full sleep.

Guo Tianyang took the water basin and face towel and said, “Yes, this bed is very soft. I saw it last night, and there are 12 layers of cushions under it! It’s really comfortable!”

Emperor Jing took the face towel and wiped his face, “Well, let’s eat, let’s go for a walk.”

Breakfast is very simple, just porridge and side dishes.

But Emperor Jing ate it with relish: “I didn’t expect that even this side dish is delicious, hehe, it seems that my emperor is not as good as a little seven-grade sesame official.”

Guo Tianyang bowed his head and said: “Your Majesty, I think this person has no taboos in his actions, and he needs to be warned!!”

“Furthermore, Taoyuan County has huge waste and extravagant life. This unhealthy trend cannot be encouraged!”

Emperor Jing snorted coldly: “Why do you talk so much!? Life is extravagant? Did the silver fall from the sky? People in such a remote place live affluently. If all the counties and cities in the world can live in such a luxurious way, I’m too happy!”

“You’re really going back as you live!”

Guo Tianyang didn’t dare to defend himself, and stood aside aggrievedly pretending to be a quail.

“Eat well, let’s go for a walk!”

After tidying up briefly, the two went out to the street.

Emperor Jing carefully looked at every detail of the street, and there was no place in the streets or alleys that was unclean, not a single beggar or rogue.

And the common people are not ashamed, changing clothes directly looks like a scholar.

Emperor Jing secretly remembered it in his heart.

When he walked to the crowded place, Guo Tianyang couldn’t help feeling a little wary.

Suddenly there was a singing sound in my ear.

“You love me~I love you~Taoyuan milk tea is sweet!”

“You love me~I love you~Taoyuan milk tea is sweet!”

What the hell! ?

Emperor Jing and Guo Tianyang looked sideways at the same time, it turned out to be a stall selling tea.

An honest middle-aged man was singing and selling at the door, surrounded by a group of people.

Guo Tianyang was disdainful!

What the hell are you singing! The obscene words and pornographic songs simply polluted our ears!

This Taoyuan County is really getting more and more evil!


Guo Tianyang couldn’t hold back and spat on the ground.

As soon as this mouthful of phlegm fell to the ground, an old lady with a red armband jumped out of nowhere.

It happened to block the way of the two of them.

Then he stretched out his hand, spread his five fingers apart and said in a sharp voice: “Spitting everywhere, you will be fined five cents!”

Emperor Jing frowned and looked at the old lady in front of him. She was dressed in a commoner dress with a red ribbon on the sleeve, and the words “hygiene worker” were written on it.

Guo Tianyang is not happy anymore, our family also vomits in the palace!

Does anyone care about spitting on the street? Fresh!

So he retorted sharply: “Who are you! Why!”

The old lady snorted coldly: “It’s from outside! Spitting is not allowed in this county, and you will be fined five cents!”

“This is a rule set by the county magistrate himself. If you don’t accept it, follow me to the official!”

Guo Tianyang’s eyes widened, I spit, you want to take me to see the official! ?

Just as he was about to yell, Emperor Jing’s voice came coldly: “Give me the money.”

Guo Tianyang reluctantly took out the money obediently.

The old lady smiled with satisfaction, but was stopped by Emperor Jing when she was about to leave.

“Old man, the two of us have just arrived here, and we have some questions to ask, is it convenient?”

The old lady looked him up and down, and seeing that he had a good attitude, she said, “Let’s talk.”

“Why are there no beggars in Taoyuan County?”

The old lady was happy: “You are really interesting. Want to find a beggar? Then we really don’t have one.”

“Our county grandpa has a kind heart, and he doesn’t see the poor, so he dragged them away to dig ditches!”

Emperor Jing immediately choked in his throat.

Guo Tian Yangyin said with pity: “Master, this is a scumbag! It really ruins the reputation of officials.”

“How to talk! How to talk!” The old lady was anxious.

“In Taoyuan County, no one dares to say that our county magistrate is not! If it weren’t for the fact that you are foreigners, you would have been beaten!”

Guo Tianyang said indignantly: “Why not! No one would drag a beggar to dig a ditch! Isn’t this killing people!”

“You know what?” Before the old lady finished speaking, a voice suddenly came from the street.

“Someone is suing! Go watch the excitement!”

The old lady cheered up when she heard the words, and ran away in a hurry.

“Go! Go and have a look!”

Seeing this unusual scene, Emperor Jing quickened his pace and followed.

Guo Tianyang was still thinking about it non-stop, and then followed.

As the crowd trotted all the way to the gate of the Yamen, the two of Emperor Jing were stunned again.

In front of me is a building with a huge area. From a rough look, the square in front of it is at least more than 20 acres!

In front of the government office is a stone workshop, which is written to the Taoyuan county office. Behind it is a square paved with stone slabs, and then wide and long stairs connect to the building.

The county government office is a three-story building, covering a large area, and the overall color is gray and white, all of which reveal a solemn and majestic appearance.

Standing under the stairs has a sense of oppression.

Guo Tianyang opened his mouth in surprise and said: “There is such a county government! It is said that the officials do not repair the government, how much will it cost!”

Emperor Jing didn’t speak, he took a deep look at the archway and then stepped in.

Guo Tianyang followed closely.

Walking down the stairs to the inner hall, the two regained the familiar feeling, except that the decoration inside is the same as the normal county government office except that the area is larger.

There is a huge plaque hanging above the room [Hang Gao Jing Ming]

At this moment, the common people have surrounded the outside of the block.

In the hall, one person is kneeling and the other is standing, and the yamen servants on both sides stand upright holding water and fire sticks.

At this moment, everyone is waiting for the county magistrate to appear.

Fangzheng raised his arms impatiently, behind him was Xiaotao putting on the official uniform for him.

“Damn it! There are unscrupulous people coming to sue before noon? Let people sleep!”

“After two months of leisure, the court will be held again!”

Xiao Tao pursed her lips and said nothing.

“What are you going to eat when you come back later? Oh, I haven’t had breakfast yet, I’m hungry.” Fangzheng smacked his lips.

“Eat beef.” Xiaotao kept patting the official uniform.

Haven’t worn it for too long and it’s a little dusty.

“Beef? Don’t you have anything new? Tired!”

Xiao Tao rolled her eyes: “It’s packed, go, I’ll cook.”

Fangzheng flicked his robe sleeves one by one and looked at them with satisfaction.

“Let’s go! Ascension!”


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